Why Eritrea and Ethiopia Failed in Sudan?

by Nur el-Deen

Why the Eritrean President Promised Something, He Cannot Achieve?

Way back in the early nineties and before the mad war between Eritrea and Ethiopia, President Isaias Afeworki said to "Horn of Afrika" mag., that he determined with the help of the neighbouring countries in the Horn of Africa to bring the fundamentalist regime of Sudan down.

He assured the reporter of such cooperation saying, "Sudan's neighbours, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya have agreed on a strategy to end the threat of subversion by the Islamic fundamentalists."

Afworki explained also this orientation and said, "Those who argue for patience, saying there are moderates in the National Islamic Front (NIF), or that a spilt is likely between the NIF and the military, are deceiving themselves."

He said, "It is only a short road to the end of the regime in Sudan," without justifying his optimism that date.

The Eritrean President disclosed the last serious attempt that made on November 1994, in Mekelle in Ethiopia to persuade the leader of the dictatorial regime Lt. Gen. Omer al Bashir to get away from the fundamentalists. The Eritrean and the Ethiopian presidents told the Sudanese dictator openly of the consequences of his policies if he persisted in pursuing the fundamentalists in NIF, during the secret

After that the Eritrean President said, "We are no longer prepared to play Tom and Jerry games with Khartoum. The stability of the regime depends on the regime's defeat. There is no more room for diplomacy and no compromise."

What has happened since then was a surprise to great numbers of people who hoped that cooperation between the revolutions in three countries of the mentioned lands could achieve something better for the Sudanese people since the dictators have emptied all the uprising mechanisms the Sudanese have.

During that time, Egypt did not appear to be a partner in that strategy despite Cairo's anger over the botched attempt to assassinate President Husni Mubarak in Addis Ababa, when he came to attend the summit meeting of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) that time.

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