Horn of African Dictators Kill their Own Countries!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Alfa / Sudan)

It is not easy to convince the dictators in the Horn of Africa and especially in Sudan and tell them where about they are. They have no any flexibility to solve the outrageous tacitly.

It was the time for Sudan's government to share responsibility with the other opposition groups for the future of the country.

The government manipulates fiercely to overcome the dilemmas by continuing to impose dictatorial power and undermining the out comes which are outrageously affecting the future of the country.

In other hand, the government refused to take the responsibility for any mismanagement that brought the nations to divide, meanwhile blindly stick to the power rather than inviting the oppositions and genuine nations to work together for the country peace and development.

If the south Sudan cedes, it has no relation with the declaration of the Sharia law on the north. At least it was necessary to use a dialogue at the current problem in order to set the outcomes correctly.

The current government must work with the opposition groups to create unified nation in north, but the government gets back to the dancing as usual at the tour without any future hope. Nothing is to be expected from those burglars that they are assigned to kill their own country.

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