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How the Somali Political Parties are Composed?

There were not many Somali political parties before the independence of Somalia from Britain and Italy and during the time that the third part of Somalia remained with Ethiopia and the fourth part juggled by France to create Djibouti.

Somalia has good history to start from it and build itself as a modern and secular state in the horn of Africa. But, despite the historical offers, the political leaders since the earliest days of the independence couldn't see what their own history offers to form modern and secular political parties in Somalia and thus unite the other parts of all the Somali lands in one strong, modern and secular state.

It didn't work at the light of this understanding. In stead of such logical political orientation, the Somali political parties started since the 1940s with a tribal and religious bases to produce the anticipated following destruction of the state after 31 years of the independence.

The first time Somalia lived some level of stability was during the reign of Mohammed Siad Barre. Again, that is because Barre has started his movement and party as a socialist revolutionary party.

But, it was only that when he turned to capitalism and used the composition of clans and religion to his benefits he failed and Somalia began to deteriorate badly.

This is apparently the cause of Somalia's political problems, through which I analyzed the Somali political situation, following some leaders in the Somali political scene and then continuing at the Somali political parties to highlight those problems more.

This page started at the Somali composition of clan and religion. I continue it here below. Please, see also some relevant pages linked in here to continue reading about the Somali political parties.

The division of clans combined as a whole and the division of each clan on other hand is clear here, which in turn leads to say it indicates tough turning point when anybody tries to integrate these clans. The nation is absent here in favor of the clan.

In other words, the Somali composition of clans and religion makes the differences. So, the gap seems large. It causes many of the political problems in Somalia. It continues to grow even after the distraction of the Somali state. But, who leads it?

The direct answer is the Somali political parties and some other Somali organizations. To understand this point look at the following de facto parties:

As I mentioned above the leading leagues during the independence were built and based on the tribal map of Somalia. That was wrong. It is now considered the first mistake the Somali leading figures made during the period of the independence.

They might have been inspired by the use of the colonial power to the Somali tribal map. I mentioned how Somalia has been divided between three colonized powers based on agreements they achieved with the leaders of the Somali clans to protect them from each other and from Ethiopia from the other hand.

To get the insight of this point, see my book, "The Political Tragedy of the Horn of Africa" at the right column.

We could never imagine getting out of the political problems in Somalia without good reading in the Somali history to analyze it, see how the Somali politics parties were composed and understand the root causes of the deterioration that followed after the independence, despite the fact of the stability Somalia witnessed during the reign of Mohammed Siad Barre.

Here we go to see the Somali political parties:

The Supreme Revolutionary Council (SRC) was socialist at the beginning. But, when Barre shifted the political system from socialism to capitalism he turned to his clan to help him maintain that system forgetting that the majority of his clan are poor.

The SRC was one of the leading Somali political parties, although there were some kind of organizational work during the 1940s, such as the SYC).

The Somali Youth League (SYL) started in the 1940s and worked during the independence as the Somali Youth Club (SYC). It began with four members from the Darod, one member from the Isaaq, three members from Rahanweyn and three members from the Xamar.

Yasin Haji Osman Sharmarke led the Somali political party. The party was one of the first Somali political parties to be inspired by religious thoughts. It was mainly inspired by the religious rebellion Mohammed Abdullah Hassan.

But, this party experienced some turning points, as many members from different clans turned later to other parties. Despite the fact that the party led the first movement to get Somalia independent, but the struggle was hard based on the clans notion and the composition of clans worked negatively inside the party.

When some leading figures continued to organize Somali political parties and groups based on clans, the political problems of Somalia began also to escalate. The absence of good modern education makes these problems larger and deeper.

The Merhan Union Party, which has existed during the 1950s was based on the Merhan clan and it continued to unite the Merhan in a political umbrella, something to be taken later by the (SRC) of Barre, as a Marehan leader.

The Somali African National Union (SANU) was based largely on the Banaadir people in southeastern Somalia. There is not good track that follows the clans of Banaadir region deeper. But, they are mainly Benadiri ethnic group which includes Moorshes and Ajuran.

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The word Banaadir is plural and it comes from the persian singular word bandar, which as a singular means harbour or port.

The United Somali Parliamentarians, which was formed to support the PM Ali Mohammed Ghedi includes the reconciliation minister, Mohamed Abdi Hayir (Mareye), minister of constitutional affairs and federalism, Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail, deputy defence minister, Salad Ali Jelle and the lawmakers, Muse Sudi Yalahow and Mohamed Qanyare.

The prime minister, Ali Mohammed Ghedi took the office from 2004 to 2007. He is from the Abgaal sub clan of the Hawiye. His father was a colonel in the Somali national security service (NSS) during the reign of Mohammed Siad Barre.

He survived a suicide attacks on his home, where seven Somalis dead on 3 June 2007.

The Reconciliation Minister, Mohamed Abdi Hayir (Mareye) has engaged the posts of the labour minister and the acting information minister. He is from the Habar Gidir of the Hawiye.

The Minister of Constitutional Affairs and Federalism, Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail was deputy prime minister and foreign affairs minister from 2004 to 2006. He engaged the post of the foreign minister in the mid of the 1990s. He was an ambassador to Russia during the reign of Siad Barre. He is from Dir clan.

The Deputy Defense Minister, Salad Ali Jelle is from the Abgal sub clan of the Harti group of the Hawiye clan. He engaged in this post during the period of the transitional government of the prime minister Ali Mohammed Ghedi

His forces fought with the Ethiopian troops against the Islamic Courts Union until the fall of Mogadishu on January 2007.

Muse Sudi Yalahow engaged the post of commerce and trade minister in the Transitional government of the prime minister Ali Mohammed Ghedi. He was dismissed in June 2006 when he ignored the requests of the government to stop fighting with the militia of the Islamic Courts Union.

He is a relative of Ali Mahdi Muhammad and he comes from the Abgal of the Darod clans. He was the deputy chairman of the United Somali Congress / Somali Salvation Alliance.

Mohamed Qanyare Afrah was the fisheries minister and then a security minister in 2004 and he was a member of the United Somali Congress of Ali Mahdi Mohammed, one of the Somali political parties and armed fronts.

He participated in the second battle against the Islamic Courts Union and lost his post. He is from a sub clan of the Hawiye clans.

The Democratic Party of Somalia (DPS) is one of the new Somali political parties. The party was formed in 2010 by Maslah Mohamed Siad son of Barre. He comes from the Merehan clan.

The Democratic Green Party of Somalia (DGPS) is one of the new Somali political parties and it focuses on environmental protection and preservation. Abdullahi Yusuf Mahamoud leads the party. It is member of the African Green Federation and Global Greens.

The Somali National Party (SNP) is one of the new Somali political parties with orientation to bring the Somali nationals together. Mohammed Ameen Saeed Ahmed was a member of the ICU, but he founded and chaired the new party. He comes from Abgaal clan.

Peace and Development Party (PDP) is one of the new Somali political parties and it is described as a democratic, social and political party. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud founded the party on 17 April 2017 and became the chairman of the party.

The party has youth and women wings. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has been elected as the president of Somalia on 10 September 2012. He came form the Abgaal of the Hawiye clan.

Daljir is one of the new Somali political parties with Islamic platform established in February 2012. It unites the 3 largest Muslim political parties of al-Ictisaam, al-Islah and ala-Sheikh.

The members mainly include some of the former government officials such as the former minister of defense Abdi Mohamed Abtidoon, former minister of justice Abdirahman Janaqow, former Minister of religion Mahamud Abdi Ibrahim Garweyne, former deputy prime minister Hassan Ma'alin and former MP Sheikh Bashir Adow.

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