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Jul 05, 2010
How Life Treats You in Djibouti?
by: Admin

Could you write about Djibouti while you are living there now? I am looking forward for your contribution from Djibouti. Please do that through forms on some pages about Djibouti here.

If you wanted to write about something else other than politics, please use Any Beautiful City to write about beautiful places in Djibouti. Are there any? Bring them to the lights. From example, you can enter a good title on the form at that page as, Costal Attractions in Djibouti or Djibouti at Sunset. Thanks.

Take good shots and upload pictures through the same form giving those pictures captions and you will run an image gallery in this network. Thanks.

Djibouti Mineral & Mining Sector Investment and Business Guide

Jul 05, 2010
Abdiraxmaan Axmed Ali Tuur!
by: Admin

Thanks, Farhan Mohamoud Mohamed (dhegey), or better I will call you by your Somali name, Farxaan Maxamuud Maxamed. Sqwaran? Mafa'anta hey?

There is a page about Abdurrahman Ali Ahmed Tuur here with brief information. I knew some of the leaders while they first formed the Somali National Movement in the 1980s and I was living that time while I was too young with a family of one of the governors in Somalia in one of the Gulf countries taking care of the family.

I encourage you to write about those Somali leaders that you know through the form on the Somali relevant pages. Thank you for that before hand.

If you have some old pictures of beautiful cities in Somalia before the destruction of the country, use the form at Any Beautiful City to upload them and write about those beautiful places. You can also upload pictures of the destructions, so we could compare and write good articles.

Please always provide your email address when you submit articles or comments so the system will send you notifications every time somebody comments on your entries. This is very important step and be sure that your email address will be secure in this system.

It is certainly better also to subscribe to the HOA Political Scene Newsletter here and to forward it to your friends from Forward HOA Political Scene here.

I am looking forward to have you as good contributor to the HOA Political Scene Network. Enjoy your time on this network and thank you very much, Farxaan.

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