The Somali Composition of Clans and Religion!

The Somali composition of clans and religion is the cause of the deterioration in the devastated land of Somalia. Somalia is composed of different clans and it is traditionally a Muslim land.

While Islam shouldn't be the cause of any deterioration, the political events in the country prove that it is used wrong to interfere in politics accompanied by the tribal bias of many leading figures in the Somali political scene.

Somalia suffers for long decades of such Somali composition of clans and religion, although Mohammed Siad Barre tried to get out of it when he and his fellows in the Somali army created the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (SRSP).

But, the party was engaged in the tribal competition in the country and changed to be a clan based party controlled by the Marehan clan, when Barre shifted from being socialist to dictatorship and capitalism.

Siad Barre succeeded to make Somali stable for a couple of decades because his party was revolutionist and socialist and therefore he received aid from the USSR and the Eastern Block, which helped Somalia to prosper for a while, during the cold war.

But, he tried to play smart during the Cold War and benefit from the two great blocks. He then followed the Western power and began to work in this direction.

Sooner after that he shifted the system following the Western Block and turned to his clan to support him and thus opened the gate-way for the tribal and religious groups to operate, or rebuild themselves in the country, take arms and work to change the political system.

That means, it is only when the Revolutionary Socialist Party (SRSP) changed to tribalism and capitalism, Somalia began to see and experience the deterioration caused by the tribal and religious groups in the country, which is still facing Somalia and causing the collapse of the state.

That also means Mohamed Siad Barre was not a real Somali socialist, but a military gambler and an extremist tribal leader wearing a military uniform.

This is the beginning to understand the results of the Somali composition of clans and religion, through which Somalia has descended since 1973 to live the terrible political, economical and social situations it lives now.

The United States interfered according to the agreements they have with the leader of the failed political system. But, they shifted also their role to secure the American interests in the Horn of Africa and the strategic points on the Red Sea.

The United Nations humanitarian efforts began in the South Somali in Mogadishu starting from 1993 and succeeded in two years to alleviate the famine. But, when the humanitarian team of the UN suffered from significant casualties, the UN withdrew from Somalia in 1995.

The disorder continued, so Kenya led a two-years peace process working from within the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), which was followed by the election of Abdullah Yusuf Ahmed as President of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and the formation of an interim government, Known as the Somalia Transitional Federal Institutions (TFIs) inOctober 2004.

Somalia Transitional Federal Institutions included 275 members in the parliamentary body, known as the Transitional Federal Assembly (TFA). Ethiopia sent its troops to support the interim Somali government to stand the advanced troops of the Council of Islamic Courts (CIC) in December 2006.

The United Somali Parliamentarians (USP) is founded on 25 October 2007 to support the embattled Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Ghedi. The party consists of 126 MPs, including Minister of Constitution Affairs and Federalism Abullah Sheikh Ismail, Deputy Defence Minister Salad Ali Jelle, Reconciliation Minister Moahammed Abdi Mareye and lawmakers Mohamed Qanyare and Muse Sudi Yalahow.

When the UN sponsored talks between the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (TFG) and the opposition Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia (ARS) in Djibouti in 2008, the Somali president Abdullah Yusuf Ahmed resigned and Adan Mohamed Nuur Madobe took the office as interim president from 29 December 2008 to 31 January 2009.

The Ethiopian troops withdrew in the same year, after the formation of the TFG-ARS unity government.

The Transitional Federal Assembly (TFA) was increased to 550 seats with addition of 275 ARS members of parliament. So, the expanded parliament elected Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed the former CIC and ARS chairman as president on 31 January 2009, in Djibouti.

The election of a religious leader came as the strongest sign of the Somali composition of clans and religion, which is subsequently a foil to strengthen the composition and continue the deterioration of Somalia.

Ahmed appointed Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke the son of the former president of Somalia Abdirashid Sharmarke as prime minister on 13 February 2009, because he knew the strong Somali composition of Clans and religion and wanted to engage the son of the independent Somalia's president in this composition to gain the support of his clan.

The resolutions seemed to be lacking good mechanisms to build the system of the broken state and work towards democracy, equality and justice to build a modern state and enhance the role of the law and order to stop the burglary of the Islamic militias, which is in fact committed by troops linked to the religious government of Sheikh Ahmed.

It is obvious that the Somali composition of clans and religion became stronger in the period of president Ahmed, which lasted from 31 January 2009 to 20 August 2012. So, when Muse Hassan Abdulle took the interim government from 20 August 2012 to 28 August 2012, he didn't find any solid ground to stand on it.

The turmoil was going faster and thus the interim president Mohamed Osman Jawari failed too during his presidency from 28 August 2012 to 16 September 2012.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud became a president in 16 September 2012. Somalia is still hoping that the Somali president would bridge the gap and get Somalia out of the Somali composition clans religion, so the state could rebuild and become a modern civilized and secular state.

Until today, the Somali composition of clans and religion is strong. Heck, they use the same Somali composition of clans and religion that caused the collapse of Somalia to build the political system.

This will not work and the country would never breathe until the Somalis with modern education work harder to separate the religion and the clans from the state. They could use the same concepts to strengthen the state without having the clans and the religion to interfere directly in the affairs of the modern state.

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