Somali Clans and Religion in Somalia!

The Somali clans and religion in Somalia started at the Somali Composition of Clans and Religion and continued at the Somali Political Parties. This is a commentary to add more highlights to the two pages, so you could understand the matter well. If there any wrong information, please use the relevant page to correct it. Thanks.

There is not any disrespect, or undermining of any Somali clan when we analyze the role of the Somali clans in the destruction of Somalia. We mean only that the tribal intolerance in any society composed of many clans is negative. We mean also that the religious extremism is negative. We need to criticize ourselves hard enough to correct our mistakes.

The tribal intersect here is the reverse. It is good to integrate the clans together in any given state that has strong composition of clans. The tribal customs and other cultures together with the religious ethics and the other ethics the humanity worldwide has could also intersect to make the ethics of such state.

That means also the law and morals could intersect to build modern and secular state. The morals are not only in the religion we believe in. There are also in many cultures and other religions.

When any society composed of clans, as we read in the Somali composition of clans and religion, decides to carry on using only the two concepts to build a state, then there would be many problems. To establish a modern and secular state and keep this state safe to progress well, it is very necessary to think of this composition and use the best ingredients of those two concepts to build a modern and secular state.

That could be done in the Somali case by a comprehensive reconciliation process, starting for example by a simple idea, such as "let's forget your clan and mine and think together as Somalis and consider that state as our home. How we could live together as brothers and avoid all these mistakes we made in the past? Let us think of that and come up with good solutions, so we could start building our home on solid grounds."

The policy of revenge will never work to build a modern and secular state. It will continue to work destructively to deepen the crises. This could be a good point in the convention, when the people get back to write that convention studying and using what they read in other relevant conventions.

Many Somali political parties are new and they are composed of Somali clans. Many parties are not the indication of democracy, justice and social welfare and when they follow the tribal orientation combined with religion, we do not see more
than deeper fragmentation in the secular state. They deepen the political problems in Somalia.

There should be another approach to integrate the families and clans in the Somali state in a way that keep it safe and build it as a strong modern state.

Is there any salvation or reconciliation process that is well improved to be good for Somalia to get out of its clans and religious problems as a modern and secular state?

I think there is none.

If you know of a well done reconciliation process, please provide it in details here at the Somali Political Forum, or Write about Somalia. If you could write it in Arabic, Use the Arabic HOA Political Scene. The links are above and below. Thanks.

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