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Jul 04, 2010
Is It the Case Somaliland Denies Refugee Rights?
by: Anonymous

Yeah, it is a fact that Somaliland has good relations with its neighbours and it is something I am very proud of it.

Somaliland does not deny the rights of refugees and I can site an example here that there is an ongoing conflict between Somaliland and the UNHCR when it comes to refugees.

There are people from Southern Somalia who fled from the war in Mogadishu and Southern Somalia and living in Somaliland. Somaliland sees these people as refugees but the UNHCR claims that these people are internally displaced persons since Somaliland is not internationally recognised and de facto remains part of Somalia.

The other issue, which I sense the writer is more likely to be aiming for is that many Somalis of the South smear Somaliland for its diplomatic ties with Ethiopia and allege that there are a big population of Ethiopians in Somaliland. This is however, not true and the small number of Ethiopians that come to Somaliland are unskilled labours or merchants.

Understanding Somalia and Somaliland: Culture, History, Society

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