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Jan 28, 2010
The Map and the Reasons are Very Clear!
by: Admin

Thank you all people.

I have not imagined that comments will drop this way in this thread of discussion. However, there should be always a way to treat those who break "all laws of humankind" as one comment says.

The armed force is sometimes useful if the target is isolated from the civilian and if those targeted did not adhere to orders to render, retreat and submit themselves to be treated according to the law against terrorism.

It is always possible for those who have the power to manage treating the crises wisely.

These comments along with the news bring my mind back to the Cold War. This group of terror is formed that time to treat the invasion of the Soviets to Afghanistan at the eve of December 1979.

That was the starting point to the spread of fundamentalism in the area from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and then the Gulf until Yemen, Somalia and Sudan.

The reasons are very clear. The map is very clear too.

Where is William Guy Carr and Pawns in the Game?

Jan 28, 2010
Offense Will Not Solve the Problem!
by: Abbas

Quoted "manned by the US military's clandestine Joint Special Operations Command to work with Yemeni troops to track and kill suspected leaders of the regional al-Qaeda affiliate,"

This is offensive. I think they should treat this issue differently as the killings are forbidden in all the laws of humankind in the earth and in the heaven.

Why they go this direction like those terrorists?

However, they are responsible for creating and supporting this group of the terror before it becomes the cat's claw for the American troops in the area.

Jan 28, 2010
No One Accepts the Killings!
by: Mohammed Omer

It is illegal to authorize the "killing" and then announce it in the media.

What happens to the world?

No one of course accept the "killings" being that committed by those groups of terrorists or by any international power.

They should seek another approach to treat terror, not by encountering terror but by education through many channels to get the people aware of such misuse to the religion in such private interests.

When people get more education, they will be solid fortress against the spread of terrorism.

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