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Apr 23, 2010
How to Handle Religious Education if Required?
by: Admin

It is necessary to add this comment for more orientation.

Some families may insist in religious education, as it is the traditional method for education in their homeland. Since this is the core of their beliefs, ignoring it will make more problems.

This is of course not the duty of the international donors. It is the duty of the national government in their homeland. However, even the national government there should produce a modern educational curricular.

Therefore, the religious education should be in some institutions in the country for those people who need it to practice their religion. The ministry of education could produce safeguard education in this field through mixing the principles of the modern state and the wellbeing brotherhood with the principles of religion.

In this regard, such kinds of institutional channels should experience modern education too. There is always a way to get religious education, understand your religion correct and practise it with love and respect to other beliefs wherever they found being that in Somalia or worldwide.

There are many methods to prepare for modern education to create real citizenship. The challenge in Somalia today is good international understanding and good education to mediate the conflicts and erase the mistrust.

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