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Political Stories From My Desk!

The political stories intend to highlight the events, encourage positive thinking and entice folk to get together, if they dare to sacrifice some of their personal interests for the sake of their nations. We obviously see this in the way the political events develop.

Highlighting the events, even by telling personal experiences through the following stories is the first goal we aim to achieve from publishing such stories from the political scene in the Horn of Africa (HOA).

Despite that the stories are politically personal, they could give ideas of how to survive hard Djibouti's political problems, Eritrea's political problems, Ethiopia's political problems, Kenya's political problems, Somalia's political problems, political problems in Sudan, Uganda's political problems and Chadian political problems.

Some people from these countries actually do what I did, so they get under the ground, flee their homes, become displaced people, or get refuge through the UN in other countries in the world.

The political stories will certainly help you understand the political development in many state in the Horn of Africa. But, although that is the goal, it is certainly good to get involved with us to develop the political umbrella we want to setup, so we could work together to achieve positive political changes.

The political stories indicate that the political scene in Sudan in particular is harsh. It is indeed harsh in many countries because some political groups were constructed mainly from religious and sectarian characters to dominate since the independence of Sudan.

In other countries, what seems to be revolutionary fronts shift from their goals and antagonize each other to serve their own political interests. Since personal interests contradict with the revolutionary goals, those groups contradict with each other and sometimes get into wars.

For example, when the Eritrean revolutionary front (EPLF) opened its field to the Ethiopian revolutionary front (TPLF), we saw at that time the political integrity of the two fronts could possibly help other revolutionary groups in the Horn of Africa and especially in the biggest country in this area (Sudan) to follow the political inspiration of the two fronts to achieve building a strong wall against terrorists.

What has happened is very interesting, the leaders of the two revolutions engaged in personal hatred and brought their people into wars against each other.

By such acts, they also weakened the Sudanese opposition and other revolutionary groups in other countries and paved the way for the political magic, the politics of myth and the superstitions to rule the area.

That is a moment in the history of the Horn of Africa we will never forget. They made our dreams tumble and fall to the sea.

The Tragedy in the Political Stories!

Come back again to the Horn of Africa and smile back. Weeping is nonsense in the tragicomedy age where all the ruling elites as proved to be, through the political history until now (in 2009) comitragedy makers! I know, I should say tragicomedy makers.

You're about to read here some political stories about ...

  • Acting Globally,
  • Today's Proverb,
  • Resignation in Honour,
  • The Distraction of People.
  • Final Refugees of The World,
  • The Misery of the Old and Present Days.
  • Youth and the "Neo-Globalism" (Impact of the Fallen Marxism)

These hot issues in the political stories above are the main topics on our HOA's Political Scene newsletter, so you may want to subscribe to it to follow the hot lines in the political stories and read some more analyses to the critical political situations in the Horn of Africa (HOA).

You will receive invaluable set of gifts in e-books to read and develop anything important in your life, when you finish subscribing to the newsletter and confirming your subscription.

In addition to this, sharing these political views with others will keep you in the focus, if you are about to achieve any changes to these bad political situations in your homeland.

Whenever I look into the political stories in our misfortunate continent and focus on Politics, Business and Love, I found myself wondering about many happenings...

I always wonder about these three concepts above.

I wonder also about their connection.

I wonder further about this (connection's DSL).

This connection's DSL (Degree, Standard and Level) has connected actually to my mentality while I was carrying out my job as journalist and caused many unsettled problems to me, so I have no rest for a long time. I am unrest while I was young.

I do believe that the first line connection between politics, business and love is something worth thinking about, until some gangs in politics use the religion to make crisis. That's exactly what had happened in Sudan and other states in Africa.

In this case, the connection between politics, business and religion is the cause of the deterioration in every level of living in Sudan. Those who use the religion in the political power, do that through some kinds of dirty businesses.

Well, deterioration, disaster and terror make valuable thoughts sometimes. If you've any experience pertaining to these (DDT) here on this line go and post them on one of these three groups in my Network.

You will catch the entire Horn Africa's Network below. If you're a colleague Journalist, go to your special HOA's Journalists in this network and make it your Journalists Internet café. Alternatively, use the form below to tell us your political stories.

We are going to discuss the (DDT) concept more there and here with others. Please follow our instructions and send us your reports, pictures and videos. Thanks.

Well, following the rhythm of the political stories; Terror in my homeland and some other countries is really working like a (DDT).

Therefore, I quoted them that way because those who created them to rule Sudan and other countries in East Africa, make them and use them to wash brain their people and if not, to wash them from their states.

Apparently, many of those nice people have become either internally displaced people, or refugees in other American, Australian and European lands.

There will remain obviously those who want to be part or run never minded under the business of politics and the religion's decision-making circles. This is absolutely so reversal to what moderate politics, honest business and pure love to the people should do for them.

I had practiced politics as journalist and experienced the issues of the area over thirty years, working in many countries and different newspapers and magazines, and keeping sometimes in deep connection with some decision-making circles. So, I know the political stories in many countries in-out.

I lived very hard conditions for a long time, having no access to normal life in my homeland. Now with that land not existed anymore I believe that I have not a nationality. I believe I am an international person.

I have not participated in any kind of business, until the year 1989, when some gangs of the National Islamic Front (NIF) in the army used the military forces to take over power, confiscate democracy and ban my office amongst others.

This front is controlled by the Muslim Brothers of Sudan. They have been born out of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to create the Muslim Brothers' octopus in Sudan during the 1940s.

Well, I have never thought of doing a business other than the political engagements in the political scene as journalist. I have had that feeling of the connection between politics, business and love in away I could not imagine somebody to misuse them.

To that standard, I thought the people in the leadership or the leaders of the society as journalists should be very honest in politics, business and love to keep those mediums as very clean as possible.

Every medium has its own ethics.

When I take business as a vital gear in the economy, I consider there are only two economical theories in the world, Communism and Capitalism. I believe there is no third way in economy, although I believe that I am revisionist.

Continue the political stories at the political views here.

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