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Why Political Refugees Tell Lies?

by Admin

I absolutely know good information about some political refugees who came from the Horn of Africa. Great stories I learned while living with some of them and other great stories I have heard from refugees or from some relevant channels tell the truth about their cases, when examined with facts on the grounds.

Unfortunately, some people who only seek residence in the European countries tell lies even without knowing that the threads of lies are short and the other people could discover the truth.

For example, some people fled from some military camps to the UNHCR and learned how to tell false stories to strengthen their claims so they can acquire refugees' status.

This happened in Eritrea for example and when those refugees came here to Europe, things began to show about them. I know them very well and when I discussed with some of them asking for reasons that they came again to work with those military groups they joined and claimed to be abused by them, they just said that was the only way to get out.

Well, lies are not the only method that some refugees used to resettle in Europe and elsewhere. Official mistakes if not corruption could also happen, as my personal story proved to the new official that replaced the former official in one of the UNHCR regional offices.

The stories about the Eritrean refugees, Selamawi tells us here are real original stories that happen nowhere else.

If you think of other real stories about refugees, please tell us about them using the form on the relevant page to your topic. We could learn more this way about African political refugees.

To start good, write your story providing facts that answer the following questions: who, what, when, where, how and why? Think of it in a way that when you answer the questions you will read good story yourself.

You can enter your real full name when you answer the (who question) and you can request it to be anonymous, so I will not publish it and I will keep it for use when I report human rights abuses to international channels.

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