Wagosha Movement of Somalia!

by Eng Yarow S Aden Mashemba

Wagosha Movement of Somalia calls international community to stop The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) biased initiative on Jubbaland.

The Executive committee of Wagosha Movement of Somalia has strongly condemned the clan driven policy of the IGAD on Jubbaland initiative.

The Chairman of Wagosha Movement Eng Yarow Sharif Adan and MP Hussein Mohamed Musa Bantu from Wagosha people said IGAD bias conference in Nairobi showed how the regional body is being used to promote certain clans, while leaving out the rights of other people in the region.

The IGAD convened a meeting in Nairobi, where it has invited some clans like the Ogaden and the HArti, who make the minority clans in Jubbaland, while leaving out the majority clans, such as the Bantu Swahili speaking Community of Wagosha and Marehan, and many others.

The leaders said Somalis are tired of nonsense fighting, but the motive of the IGAD is nothing else, but one aimed at inciting clan fighting among the clans in Jubbaland regions.

Kenya’s state minister for defense Mohamed Yusuf Haji and the IGAD secretary general who hail from the Ogaden clan are the ones behind this meeting, which has one motive of handing over the whole Jubbaland regions to their clansmen led by Mohamad Abdi Gandi, an Ethiopian politician, who has never set a foot in Jubba regions.

Also behind this conspiracy are close friends of Mohamed Abdi Gandi who work with the African Union Mission in Somalia.

"This is another conspiracy to deny the rights of the Bantu Swahili speaking people in Jubba regions, and it may lead to unnecessary bloodshed to Jubba regions, because it was injustice which put Somalia, where its is now.

Another injustice cannot be the remedy of this problem*, said MP Hussein Bantu, who also called the regional countries, specially Ethiopia and Kenya to avert further conflict in these regions".

Eng YArow Sharif Adan, The Chairman of Wagosha Movement said after decades of injustice, persecution, genocide all sorts of maltreatment against Wagosha, its surprising to see a respected regional body being used by individuals like Haji and Mahbub, who have only one interest of favoring their Ogaden clan.

After many years of persecution in their land, the Wagosha people faced the worst disaster in 1992, when the Darod clans led by the warlords General Morgan, General Adan Gabyow, General Mohamed Abshir, Colonel Bashir Bililiqo and others to embattle other clans.

With fear of repetition of those atrocities, the Wagosha people founded political and military movement called Wagosha Movement of Somalia. The Movement is currently active in
areas inhabited by Wagosha people in Somalia.

The Wagosha leader said the outcome of one sided meeting in Nairobi is not recognized by Jubbaland inhabitants including the Wagosha people, and any administration formed without the will of the people will fail.

They also called the international community to convene all inclusive meeting for Jubbaland people and get right the details about Jubba regions.

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