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Sarcasm of the Sudanese Political Theatre!

by Admin

It has been a while, since the last time I sent the newsletter and the notes of the newsletter, my friend.

I felt the farces and the sarcasm of the development of the political events in Sudan. Then, I felt cold as a stone thrown on the ice of the Siberian land, and thought a while, "this is not Sudan I am watching on the TVs and those people moving by at the legislation and power levels, as if they are moving on the theatre, are not real Sudanese, but… maybe dummies".

I wished Homer to be present to weep the death of the Sudanese God of Beauty and Wisdom in one of the most wonderful Iliad, or Odyssey. I thought, maybe a great deal of Vodka, could turn this icy stone to move by running new blood, in the heart of it and as we see stones grow plants on their surfaces sometimes and become alive.

Heh, "this is my battlefield as a fighter", I thought. I should not leave it for dummies. I should get out to my friends again and again and fulfill the saying of the rising "Phoenix" by burning and rising again and again in this tragical serial of revelation.

This is life sarcasm in the personal scene.

But, again, the entire Sudan has become a sarcasm theatre, as we see thy seemed to be leaders of the Sudanese opposition sharing the golden dish of the Sudanese meal with their oppressor in the political power since 1989. And they call that peace in Sudan.

Peace with the dignity "their own dignity and the dignity of the land" overthrown to the dirty mud is not peace. It is surrender.

But, did they know and contrary they all appear in the mode of heroic leaders?

It is sarcasm again on the Sudanese theatre.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

But, they don't.


Because, those who feel ashamed are the living. Dead don't feel ashamed, what so ever!

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