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Comprehensive Peace Agreement Perplexed Sudanese!

by Babiker Osman

Yes, as you wrote stating that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement perplexed Sudanese! I follow up with a press release issued by the Security Council I have read later on this political background.

On 9 January, the President of the Security Council, Joel Adechi described the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the Government of the Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement as a historic moment of great opportunity for Sudan.

He said all the people in Sudan should strive to seize that opportunity in order to steer development in the path leading to a solid and long lasting peace. He expressed the awareness of the council and the responsibility of the international community to help the Sudanese people remain on the chosen path.

The leader of the Security Council who is originally from Benin in west Africa said the Security Council determines to take measures to encourage and enable the international community to support and consolidate the peace process.

The Council had already called for reconstruction and development assistance, endorsing the initiative of the Government of Norway to convene a donors' conference in Oslo to address the mobilization of resources to that end, on the understanding that the parties in the peace agreement were fulfilling their commitments.

Joel Adechi added that the Council members were starting to draft a resolution in order to address thoroughly all aspects of the situation in the Sudan. The Council would determine in the resolution ways to establish a full-fledged United Nations peace-support operation to help implement the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

The serious crimes under international law that had been committed in Darfur appalled the Council. A report issued by the International Commission of Inquiry described the mentioned crimes.

Joel Adechi said the Council determined to tackle impunity and to bring the perpetrators of those crimes to justice. In the absence of progress on the political stage, the situation in Darfur could only deteriorate further.

Since the date, the International Criminal Court (ICC)issued the Indictment and the arrest warrants against the leader of the 1989 coup in Sudan because of those crimes in Darfur region only, but not for other crimes committed in the country, there is no serious attempts made to fulfil the procedures related to the warrants.

Well, of course the leader of the Security Council knows what happens in Sudan and understands it as an African person from Benin. However, even most of well-educated people in Sudan do not know how it comes to offer leaders of a religious military coup an opportunity to escape justice.

All Sudanese people know the crimes committed in the entire Sudan as you described through many pages on this website very well. However, great numbers of Sudanese may have been fed up of such continuous deterioration and want any way to get peace even if the leaders of those Sudanese Dictatorial Regimes are still present in the political scene.

That is not good of course, as the collective mentality of the religious military leaders has continued to lead the Sudanese people towards such end to remain in the Political Scene in any changes in the future.

Those leaders who are responsible of thousands of crimes in Sudan prove continuously to be the masters of the game, while the Sudanese people are devastated because they are fed up and they do not have faithful political leaders to manage bringing those dictators down and submitting them to Sudanese justice.

When the opposition came to join sharing the political power in the country, it proves that the leaders of this opposition are not less than those who has been described once as military religious thieves.

Situation in Sudan looks like that the mentality of the people is confused by such acts and could not assimilate what happens easily. How could opposition leaders sit together with others who stole the political power by arms? The people are absent at the moment.

Every body knows the other leaders in the opposition wanted to reach the train while peace was progressing through the pressures of the international political powers and they might think that was their only opportunity to come and get to the political power even if the only way is to share it with those dictators.

Well if you think it did not happen that way, let me know.

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