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Mar 08, 2010
Break the Dictators' Chain!
by: enkidu debaba

A warped raddled politics may result in other genocides.

Psychology of fear has great contribution in the inferiority complex and corruptions, which may affect the future of the citizen, whatsoever. The dream of the dictators is only power.

To get the power and continue holding it, they must involve in corruptions, widen the inferiority complex inside the societies, and provide no solution.

The only solution for Darfur, and other similar crises in the Horn of Africa is to break the dictators' chain in the area.

Mar 08, 2010
Security Conditions Deteriorate Continuously in Darfur!
by: Admin

The security conditions continue to deteriorate in the Darfur region, especially in areas controlled by the Sudan's Liberation Army led by Abdul Wahid al-Nor in the west of Jebel Mara.

The violence continued between the rebel movements and intermittent fighting with the army of the ruling party following the coup in particular after the recent Doha talks between the military coup in Sudan and the Justice and Equality Movement.

The rebels say that more than 200 civilians have been killed during these battles.

The Medecins Sans Frontieres, which suspended all its humanitarian activities there, estimates the numbers of displaced people by more than 100 thousand displaced people.

The international peacekeeping force told France Press Agency (AFP) that a patrol force of more than forty international staff, including military observers and protection forces have attacked in an ambush by unknown gunmen.

Kamal Saiki, the communications chief of the peacekeeping force, told AFP that the convoy had been captured on Friday and transported to an unknown area, but was released on Saturday.

He noted to France Press Agency that the ambush happened despite the fact that the peacekeeping force requested guarantees from all parties to the conflict not to subject the convoy to any violent behaviour.

The convoy was on its way through Drebatt to Jebel Mara, where fierce fighting erupted in the past two weeks according to the spokesman of the international forces.

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