Why The Sudanese Political Conscience Seems Dead?

The Sudanese political conscience is dead, because there is a continuous dilemma affirming that the Sudanese people are not strong enough to conquer the totalitarian regime of the Muslim Brothers.

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There is a continuous tragicomedy in the Sudan's Political Scene, some people do not see because the civil and military dictators have washed their brains and created many political problems in Sudan to make it very difficult for any opposition to succeed.

What has gone bad with the Sudanese political conscience?

Now, we analyze this question by dividing it into many questions and then get to the questions one by one...

What makes it bad?

Is it the people?

Is it the religion?

Is it the madness of the military and civil dictators?

Is it the personal interests in treasury in Sudan?

Is it the dominant Arabic and Islamic mentality?

The Sudanese political conscience is dead, because there is a continuous tragicomedy in Sudan, which is made by the sectarian ruling elites since the Independence Day and then the decisive Islamic party, which is called the Muslim Brothers of Sudan and then changed its name many times to burn the political periods.

BURNING THE POLITICAL PERIODS is very interesting policy, indeed and requires to be well studied as it is the core policy of the Muslim Brothers of Sudan even before they have been changed the name from this to the Islamic Convention Front and the National Islamic Front (NIF). This party is really satanic.

Such interesting question requires also a flixible mentality with an open vision to connect the past and the present to see the pure facts of the events and understnd how this statnic party grows into wings with many arms like the octopus.

See some articles in English and Arabic also at: سياسة حرق المراحل السياسية لاستمرار الأخوان المسلمين في السلطة في السودان| عليّ وعلي أعدائي سياسة متهورة لنظام السودان الديكتاتوري| سياسة الاخطبوط السودانية وتعطيل حركة التاريخ|

We have one of the hottest issues regarding the Sudanese political conscience, as you see. It seems that, it is not a matter of DICTATING only, although we have many periods of dictatorship that we classify as military dictatorship and civil dictatorship.

See the military religious regime, the Sudanese dictatorial regimes, the Sudanese political parties and the Sudanese sectarian parties.

It is a matter of "Donkeynizing" the People by the name of Islam or by the name of something else called "What's the Name of the Game?"

Those quoted as "something else" or "the Name of the Game" are well known as religious phobias, tribalism and crimes committed with impunity.

So, there's no peace, no love, no real rhythm of development in Sudan, when politics amalgamates with religion and business to destroy the Sudanese political conscience and build dictatorship, and terrorism to create total crisis, like the crises created by the junta of the 1989 coup!

They will never understand that the religion is something very personal, so intimate and special like love, not for the state to run with it.

Facts About The Sudanese Political Conscience!

This does not mean that there is Arabic and Islamic cleansing in Sudan, though. There is none of these issues and the problem is that there is a heavy "marginal regions" policy.

Yes, the ruling elites, which are composed of sectarian parties have planned for Sudan to be running in this direction. They planned the Arabization of the country since the independence, with the thought that Muslims are dominant.

After that the so called Islamists carried with the sectarian orientation to Islamize the political system of a very diversified country, which is both diversified on the basis of clans and religions. That means diversified with many cultures.

Sudan has inherited this policy, which is made by two kinds of dictatorship since the first political period after the Independence of Sudan and then the political elites have developed it to result on the Civil Dictatorship and the Military Dictatorship.

Those two kinds of dictatorship have increased this policy to destroy not only the integrity of the national Sudanese soil, but, also to destroy the Sudanese political conscience and capitalize big by that and dominate the Sudanese political scene!

Two military dictatorial regimes amongst those two kinds of dictatorship during the reign of Ibrahim Abbud and Jafar al Numeri have shifted in a reversible political reaction to implement their own Arabization and then "Islamic Laws" in the second reign against the population of Sudan. Nevertheless, they call those religious laws, the "Sharia Laws" of 1983.

Numeri has implemented the Sharia Laws badly against poor people, mutilated many people and hanged many people, despite the fact that he himself was a libertine and a punk.

When Omar al Bashir's regime came through the coup, it was well known that they came to implement what they call the Sharia Laws (apparently because the Muslim Brothers thought that with the South Sudan being part of the big Sudan then they can't do that).

They in fact has nothing to prove correct about this claim they had that time. They came to robe the national treasury and abuse and humiliate all those people who said no to Sharia Laws.

They of course don't care of Sharia or any thing else, because they don't do that in their houses and they are not good Muslims. The Sudanese people know this fact very well.

However, they carried with this false claim and used the Sharia for their benefits to grant the secession of the south under the so called comprehensive peace agreement to break the Sudanese opposition.

In fact this opposition has never been strong because the main two parties in the opposition are the cause for those so called Islamists to perform the coup of 1989, forget about the first military coup in Sudan's history.

The Last Destruction of The Sudanese Political Conscience!

In 2009, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued a warrant after the ICC indictment for the arrest of this criminal and some of his colleagues, regardless to critiques faced Luis Moreno Ocampo and the none functionality of the prosecutor of the ICC, when they turned the decision back to the UN Security Council.

To do what?

This is a gap in Rome Statute and in the process of the ICC, as the Security Council has already granted the ICC all the rights to carry the complete process after Omar al Basher's indictment. This is insufficiency in the ICC. 

In a presidential speech on 12 October 2011 to the university students in Khartoum, the criminal wanted by the ICC Omar al Bashir stated that "Ninety-eight percent of the people are Muslims and the new constitution will reflect this. The official religion will be Islam and Islamic Law will be the main source (meaning of the constitution). We call it a Muslim state".

The leading figures of the Sudanese dictatorial regimes have neither Sudanese human conscience, nor Sudanese political conscience. Unfortunately, the rightist political parties and the leftist parties (especially the Arabic national parties) have none, either.

Read more about this on the Arabic HOA Political Scene... 

They of course do not care of "Islam", but they are implementing the political Islam to deceive the traditionally Muslim people of Sudan and to deceive the "Islamic World".

IT ALL BEGINS FROM AN ECONOMICAL DOMINANT POINT TO CONTROL THE TREASURE OF THE LAND! So, it's not strange that they're creating this domineering mentality, decades after decades!

This is not a case study in the Sudanese political conscience or the political scene in the other states in the Horn of Africa and East Africa, although it's going to be. It's a journalist point of view, which aims to more global understanding. It aims to help you read behind the misery margin and behind the lines of poverty.

This point of view comes well concentrated from more than 50 years of experiences in these issues in the area. However, the first time I wrote it before revising this page was before 14 years.

I'll certainly be pleased to read what you think about the Sudanese political conscience. Use the Comment C2 Entries form below to write your comments and enter your name and email address to receive notifications whenever somebody respond and commented on yours.

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