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Yes, it is better than to pick up the line on your cell phone, people!

I remember, while I was the only Sudanese in al-Watan newspaper that worked there after Said Ahmed Khalifa, and before my dearest friends Fathi al Daw and Bedr Eldeen Ali Hassan took the ride to her majesty in the newspaper, my friend in the socialist block asked me the very important question that no Sudanese has a clue about it.

They asked why the Sudanese revolution always begins socialist and ends robbed by capitalists amalgamated with religious phobias in Sudan.

Our Sudanese political history has the good answer, though.

However, I replied to them saying that it begins from within the families and the traditional raising of children in Sudan since the late fifties to tie them by sectarian beliefs, putting the scarves on their real political visions and designing the scarecrows to scare them from communism.

They did this against the Sudanese Communist Party (CPS), although this good political party has never plotted against them. Even when a bravest crew from the party took the military revolutionary action in 1971, the CPS did not support them.

Generous leaders and other good members from the party sacrificed their souls in the first months of the revolution in 1971, though. We still weep them.

Regardless to this socio-political analysis, we witness every decade good proofs that Sudan was not made for the religious state by its social complexity and Islam has no answer to the question of complexity and the urgent needs for modern life in the 21st century. We are not the Saudi Arabia or Jordan.

In spite of all the facts that did not need hard thinking to explore every aspect of politics in Sudan, the failure of the political groups to address the political gaps in their political orientations makes it difficult for the people to take the glove of the revolution.

Why they revolt, since they see their bloods waste and no one seriously remembers them when they became martyrs, like what happens to the bravest Sudanese, Al Gurashi, Babikir Abdul Hafiz, Al Shafiea, Abdul Khaliq Mahgoub, Hashim al Atta, Babikir Al Nor, Osman Hamad Allah
and the others.

The religious military mentality simply sees this and exploits it. It plans from decade to decade some hard political and economical situations for the people to give their efforts to living expenses and priorities.

This mentality continues to delude the collective memory of the people to forget their uprising history imposing the impossibility of achieving fundamental political changes to the traditional political map of Sudan.

It uses even the media of the announcements to furnish the way of living and of course the way of thinking by daily offences making the unnecessary accommodations priorities for the people.

While carrying this bad scheme of the economical life to get rich and engage the people in unnecessary details to make efforts to acquire modern accommodations, they open the gate for multiregional companies and multinational companies to invade Sudan by those unnecessary accommodations.

The planned announcements encourage the people to struggle to get these accommodations and give that struggle the priority over national serious engagement in the political life in the country.

So, please pick up your mobile phone and call me to chat about the trademark of your cell phone, the Soho fashions and the Parisian perfume of Nancy and Nadia and then fuck the national political struggle.

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