Juba's Political Powers Call for Fair Elections!

Juba's political powers raised a strong political memorandum to the dictatorial authorities in Sudan demanding the government to address their demands for fair elections.

They warned to take strong position to preserve security, stability, and unity of the country if the ruling party neglects their demands!

The memo submitted by Juba's Political Powers to the religious military regime in Sudan opens the minds towards a possible dangerous crisis in Sudan, which is different in nature from the recent crisis, during the coming elections, if the government continues to neglect their demands.

The people of Sudan may live in the coming days a period they have never experienced, never heard about or expected. Bad expectations require that Sudanese be wise to stand strong in the face of the coming bad winds.

The memo also opens the eyes to the possibility of a new blood shed that the people may face because of the gathering of religiously obsessed groups from all around the world to make the coming crisis in favour of the obsessed ruling party.

Here are some of their demands to address the political problems the country faces under this regime:

Juba's political powers called the ruling party to freeze legal materials in the Security Act that restrict civil liberties.

They expressed their willingness to find a just solution to amend the census of 2008, which they have impugned its credibility many times.

They said that they seek a just solution to settle Darfur issues and prepare the region for fair and complete elections. They stressed that without settling the political problems in the region, the country will not see complete and fair elections.

The political powers noted in this regard, that third of the population in Darfur are either displaced people or in refugees camps. There is a state of emergency to prevent the extension of freedoms. The armed movements require sincere obligations to participate in power through free and fair elections before sitting down in peace negotiations.

The political powers of Juba said that the complete political demands are not met yet and that some of the intermediaries between them and the authorities told them that there is existence of a presidential justification for the continuation of legal materials. They explained to them that the legal materials are present to deal with terrorist cells and not to address other people.

Juba's political powers stressed, according to facts and occurrences on the ground, that the authorities use these legal materials to arrest and ban the political activities of the opposition. However, they allow religiously obsessed groups to launch religious decrees to prevent people from participating and voting in favour of the political powers in the opposition.

Those religiously obsessed groups started to fire religious decrees, which say:

Who did not order the women to wear veil, is an infidel.

Who voted for a woman or a Christian, is an infidel.

Who called for self-determination, is an infidel.

Who allied with secular, is an infidel.

Who did not cast a vote for the National Conference, is an infidel.

In spite of their calls, those religiously obsessed groups say that the elections are legally null and void in their religious beliefs.

The political powers said in the memo in this regard that these groups take the atonement as an excuse to shed the blood of people. It added that those religiously obsessed groups act as allies of the ruling party and they had gathered there after they have been expelled from the four corners of the world.

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