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Sudan - Juba - Memo!

by Khalid

Achieving Fair Elections is Not a Priority to the Ruling Party!

The memo of Juba's political powers reveals that the authorities are in a hurry to achieve the elections in April (the announced date) regardless to many mistakes in the regulations and procedures.

What the ruling party did until now to solve these mistakes seems only like the way a puncture boy works with tyres or like making cut and paste the ruling party has taken without sincere and serious adjustments to the complete process.

To address these mistakes, that demands deep understanding to the defects in the process. That demands also all the political powers to sit together to address them before getting further to the elections.

However, the hurry mode of the government confirms that the ruling party wants to keep in power by anyway, being that through unqualified electoral commission or other ways. That means the priority of the ruling party is not to compose qualified channels through proper procedures to achieve fair elections, but it is how to keep in power.

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