Sudan - Census Defects!

by Osman

Juba's political powers said they welcomed the electoral laws and the composition of the Electoral Commission as well with reservation. They explained that the concerned directions in the presidential power acknowledged the defects in the census and decided to address them by the following appointments:

40 additional seats for the South.
4 seats for South Kurdufan.
2 seats for Abyei.

The memo said about the failure and disadvantages of the census that such action to address the problem is unconstitutional and illegal because the constitution does not allow non-elected seats. Therefore, the action is unacceptable. Besides, the other political powers have not participated in the making of this action.

In addition to broad explanations in the memo, Juba's political powers added that there is no progress to address the situations in Darfur for the elections to take place there and the parties of the conflict in Darfur reject that.

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