The Horn of Africa's State of Disaster!

by Enkidu Debaba
(ALFA / SUDAN) - The Horn of Africa's State of Disaster: Education in hard conditions of conflicts makes a dilemma. - The Horn of Africa's State of Disaster: Education in hard conditions of conflicts makes a dilemma.

The challenges in the nations in the Horn of Africa combined express themselves in many ways. They present tyranny and express the real humanitarian disasters in the region.

The environmental catastrophe, poverty, disease, collapse of states, ethnic based dictatorship accompanied by religious dictatorship make the national clear absenteeism.

Add to this ethnic war and violence, recurrent critical famines, uneducated groups privileged with power and garb land at the overpopulated areas, all of this made the Horn of Africa under-sieging in all its states and thus becoming the states of disaster.

The regimes in the Horn of Africa, yesterday or today, still remain the worst dictators ever known in history in the entire world. Due to the prolonged dictatorial rule in the Horn of Africa, the political situations grow too complicated and difficult to predict and almost to medicate for better solution and better future.

The economic and military support the dictators in the Horn of Africa receive resulted in the mess-shaped Horn of Africa and chopped in to small states and creates new small states that cannot be able to stand alone.

For such new small state, and in order to protect itself, it must be sponsored by other external powers.

In different fronts, the fights continue to bring fundamental changes by destroying the prolonged dictatorial rules. But, most of the fronts lack some of the best oriented national dialogues and hence the visions of the best solutions.

Therefore, the struggle of some fronts has been developed into marginal issues to enforce the challenging question of division.

In such ways, the districts are split into pieces and exposed to the colonial screening as soon as considered as a country, while the economic and political situations in both parties remain apart without political solution.

This is the main reason that why the Horn of Africa still remains unstable.

The country cedes previously, recently and now: Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia land and South Sudan. South Sudan became a new nation at this current at the cost of millions lives during the recent war.

It seems that, in the near future the war erupting again at every district of the Horn of Africa to split one from the other and settle to a binary division. The crises are worsen and stained more and more on the Horn of Africa, as the dictatorial rule strengthens its root. No preparation to casting for climate changes, humanity dialogs and discussions are highly restricted.

It is necessary to look at a road map of every
newly formed nation with caution:

Djibouti country liberated previously and older than the others in the Horn of Africa, but still with caution. It cannot continue as it is unless it is helped by others. Ethiopia and France are in charge.

Eritrea on the costal Red Sea creates a land lock to Ethiopia. Still with caution that there is no source of income to feed the citizens in Eritrea. From this smallest populated country, millions of Eritrean refugees spread all over the world.

The land locked Ethiopia remain unstable and another caution to Eritrean people.

Somalia with Somaliland are the same people and the same families and they got divided. Somalia cannot form a strong government to provide civil services. The civil war may extend as the nation is stressed and unstable due to division.

The South Sudan is in a better criteria to cede than the other states mentioned above, but it is still in caution,as it is in land locked position. The road maps of Abbyi is another future crisis for both parties. The north part of Sudan is economically affected; there would be unstable political conditions

The ethno-based governments of Horn of Africa are still marching for further war and human train crisis.

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