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Caligula the Sudanese!

His name was Gaius and he became Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, but he was dubbed Caligula since his childhood. For the Greek, Caligula, as a title means "the ancient Roman boot".

If we took from this meaning the "shoe" that turns into Arabs as the most dirty and ugly title given to a person. Arabs only say to someone you are a shoe, when he or she does something really very bad to dishonor him, or her.

In their culture they look at "shoe" as something that is dirty and it inters dirty places and it smells very bad and even leaves that smell on the stockings.

He grew up in the Roman Royal Court as a soldier. He ruled Rome in the period between 37-41 AD. He was known during his reign as a model of the evil itself, something we could see that it reflects today in the fundamentalist cadre of the so-called National Islamic Front (NIF) in what is called Sudan.

He was a model of evil that doesn't reveal itself in any normal person, except those satins of the Islamic front and especially the military person in their cadre.

Therefore, we notice that the qualities that characterized Caligula, which are the evil, cruelty, greatness and reverence or idolization of one-self are the same qualities of the Muslim Brothers in Sudan.

The comparisons are only on the evil acts the Muslim Brothers of Sudan have committed since the day they led the army in 1989 (under the leadership of Omar al Bashir) to get the political power.

They did this despite that they have been the third power in the parliament during the last so called democratic government of the Sudanese Sectarian Parties.

So, Caligula as a model of evil is something that never comes to normal minds. It comes to sick minds only; and the description of sick minds reflects only from evil acts.

The evil acts started by arresting national figures, some of whom are ill and in bad health and denying them any medical care. The evil acts also continued when they established the Ghost Houses to use to torture strong characters in the opposition and disarm them from every weapon that they could use to fight them back, including their genital organs.

The comparison between the behaviors of Caligula and the behaviors of the Muslim Brothers of Sudan who have changed from the NIF into the People's Conference Party, Sudan and the National Congress Party is that they use the devil inside them almost the same way. They Focus on Sudan to oppress the people and make the country extremist.

In fact every cadre in these Islamic parties is Caligula. The way Caligula used to think or act has been developed and modernized by the Military Religious Regime in Sudan to abuse the people. After that the regime claims that the abuse was justifiable by Islamic measures.

The Muslim Brothers infringe the people's privacy even at home, by infiltrating into the family system to use family members against each other and then brainwash them, by the Islamic propaganda, promising them by the paradise.

They promise them by the paradise, based on unheard of Islamic principles to encourage them to be cruel more against their national brothers and even castrate and kill them.

Caligula did that, as he slept with other men's wives and bragged about that and killed people for amusement only and used religious phobias to claim that he is a God.

However, in some interpretations we could see that every cadre of this satanic party claims that he is faithful to God, while he is not. Some of them obviously feel that they are Gods by what they have in wealth and power and some are schizophrenic.

Caligula was unstable emotionally and mentally. He used to cry in his madness, whenever he realizes that he is incapable of changing the sunrise to another direction and nominating his horse, Incitatus "Tantos" a member of the Senate Council.

He forced his deputies to eat hay and barely from dishes made of gold, as his horse does claiming that it is of great honor for them to eat barely and hay from the gold dishes.

But, one of them refused and then revolted, threw his shoes on the horse and called the nobles of Rome to regain their humiliated honor. They revolted all against Caligula and his horse, assassinated him and smashed his statues.

So, when would the honorable literate Sudanese revolt against Caligula the Sudanese?

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