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Final Resume

by Admin

FATHI ALDAW's Final Resume:

Professional Summary

Professional motivated journalist with extensive experience in multi-media worked in the Middle East (Egypt), Gulf area (Kuwait), and East of Africa. Excellent in Arabic (high language), English, and some Tigrinia (local language in Eritrea & Ethiopia). Wrote three political books. Proven ability to generate leads, produce quality content and meet deadlines.

Current Assignments
Writing weekly article to AL ahdath, a leading newspaper in Sudan 2007- to date

Temporary Assignments
International Crisis Group 2007-2007
Worked on a research based on field findings (Ethiopia/Eritrea)
East of Africa.

Smart Papers (USA) 2005-2007
Rogers Corporation (USA) 2003-2004

Journalism Experience
Freelance assignments 2000-2002

Interviewed, researched and wrote articles for Al hayat Arabic newspaper (London), Alwasat Arabic magazine (London) and Al-Fager newspaper (London), from Asmara, Eritrea and other countries in the Horn of Africa.
Front line war correspondent covering the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia for LBC, TV (Lebanon), collaborated with Al jazeera TV (Qatar), Abu Dhabi TV (United Arab Emirates) BBC Arabic service radio (London). 1998 - 2000

Permanent assignments
Al wattan Kuwaiti Newspaper, Asmara, Eritrea 1993-1998

Lead correspondent/ Etablished regional office for Alwattan newspaper (Kuwait) in Asmara, Eritrea supplying main office with the political, economic, cultural news from the Horn of Africa. (Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia)

Covered the civil war in Somalia and UN sanctioned, US led humanitarian efforts.


Covered guerilla war between the Sudan government and the Sudanese opposition in East Sudan.

Al wattan Kuwaiti Newspaper, Cairo, Egypt 1990-1993

Joined Al wattan Kuwaiti newspaper regional office in Cairo, Egypt,
after the invasion of Kuwait.
Political affairs editor.

Al wattan Kuwaiti Newspaper, Kuawit, Kuwait 1982-1990

Editor for Al wattan newspaper, Kuwait, Kuwait (Main Office)
Responsible for weekly page specializing in Sudan & Egypt affairs.
Promoted to chief of news gathering section

Al siyasa, Al-hadaf Kuwaiti Newspaper, Kuwait 1979-1982
Freelance writer.

Fathi, as it seems has forgotten many facts about his career in this section of his CV. Noted by Khalid Osman. Should I remind my good friend?

Volunteer work
President of Sudanese American Journalist Association 2009- to date
Board Member, Community Housing of Dupage, Villa Park, IL 2004-2006
Board Member, Amal Trust, Asmara, Eritrea 2000-2002
Information secretary for the “Sudanese Human Rights Organization”.
Cairo, Egypt 1991-1993
President of Al amal soccer team, Kuwait 1985-1990
Council Member, Sudanese association, Kuwait 1985-1987

Published Books

"The Dilemma of Sudanese Intelligentsia" (Arabic, Cairo, 1993)
"Gun Dialogue, the Hidden Agenda in the War Between Eritrea and Ethiopia" (Arabic, Cairo 2001)
Sudan: The Fallen Mask. (Arabic, Cairo, 2006)
The Revolving Secrets (Arabic, Under publication)
Corrupts and Corruption in the Failed State (Arabic, Under publication)

Cairo University, Khartoum, Sudan
BA, History
College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Multi-media Coursework

Please see for facts about this document.

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