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HOAs Dictators are Western Instruments!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Alfa / Sudan)

The citizens in the Horn of Africa took many efforts to end the dictatorial systems that receive help and support from external powers and especially those utilizing them as capitalist instruments to fulfill the political interests of the western powers.

The recent political situation in Sudan reflects for many years the policy of the USA and Egypt and their political aims based on the Nile River Valley.

All these challenges and wars in the Horn of Africa have causes we knew other than what the media in the western world talks about continuously and mentions to mislead the public.

The deterioration of the political situations is results of the application of calculated political disaster in the Horn of Africa.

The evidence shows that the Ethiopian government TPLF has a ready-made manifesto that today continues poisoning the identity of the internal natives. This is one part of the Egyptian's Blue Nile program. Splitting Ethiopians has no use for Sudan but useful for Egypt.

What happens in Sudan makes the Egyptian authorities glad although they continue with crocodile tears expressing falsely their support to Sudan.

They continue moving in the north and in the south in their announced peaceful activities. In the other hand, they advise the government in the south and the regime in the north and intensify the war in Darfur indirectly.

In this week, the news is a little bit different from the last week. It might be of great disappointment that people may not believe it. The USA tried falsely to promise the regime in north Sudan to change the referendum day in Jan 9/2011.

Egyptians also stepped at the same direction and they told the regime to refuse the referendum day, by any means. Why "they have to change the referendum day"?

What is the outcome? They are working to destruct the Horn of Africa, Sudan and Ethiopia. They knew if the regime in the north refused, the war would erupt. This war is an ugly war that would divide the north further, which benefits the Egyptian regime at the end.

There is no Sudanese that want to unite with Egypt but when the country fail to address the challenges the dictator will enforce more strong measures to repress the people just like what Meles Zenawi does in Ethiopia.

I have no doubt that the dictators in the Horn of Africa are used as western instruments. Therefore, the Horn of African young and old people must read, work and plan well for the unity of the Horn of Africa through (USHA).

USHA must be our future to bring our families together. It is clear and no one has the ability to stop its movement. This movement is truly based on democratic means to bring this bright future to our Horn of Africa. The local people make it not the foreign interests.

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