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HOAs Design Gallery hosts and illustrates some beautiful design on templates with snippets of poetry to read and printout as posters.

Take the HOAs poems you see on the HOAs gallery here as prints to place anywhere in your place, whether at home, office, or automative you own. You can also fix them on any public workplace of your interests, such as clubs, gathering places, restaurants and bars.

إليك الحب’ يمشي

والنضار العذب’ يا "نمولي"

غابة’ السحرِ والريحان


وأحلامٌ تعارك وهدةَ السبلِ

As you see through the beautiful images on this page and at the HOAs Animation Gallery, the HOAs Imagery Poems, the HOAs Images, the HOAs Image Scripture and the HOAs Literary Scripture, all of the images have snippets of poetry on the surface.

وترسلين الحبَ أرباعا

فتحمله علائل’ بَحْرِنا الجَبَلِ

للحاسبين الدنيا إشباعا

من الأحلامِ والحُللِ

Although the HOAs poetry couplets are in Arabic, but you may find the pictures beautiful to print and hang on your walls, or send as gifts of love to those people you know who could read Arabic. The pictures you send would be good presents.

كنا وهبنا نِضالَنا باعا

فذروه نهبَ الريحِ والأجلِ

نيفاً وعشرين يا "نمولي"

أنا أحبو...

أنا أحبو...

متي تصلِ؟

The poetry snippets on the page and at the HOAs Literary Works, the HOAs Literature, the HOAs Love Poems and the HOAs Photo Gallery include emotional poetry, political poetry and other verses that illustrate some philosophy, in life, love and politics.


حرام وهجكِ المجنون

هنا دنيا

غدا قلبي بها مُعْتل

وهناك أوديةٌ مشاعيةْ

يحفرُ فيها القلبُ أغنيةْ

فقط عسكر...

أحالوها "تُرابية"!

فهل نسمع غناءَ الرحلةِ الأولْ؟

The Inscription of HOAs Design Gallery!

The philosophical inscriptions in the poetry on the pictures are gained from lifetime observing. living and studying the tendencies of life, the changes of societies and some of the misconception of what life, love, politics should be like in modern world.

أخرجُ من بيتي ممتزجاً بالدمِ






- استباحَ يقيني وعانقني -

The wording is fine in my humble opinion, as critic at the same time that I am a journalist, poet and short story writer. I have also written a novel titled "East to Death" in 1978, which takes the prediction of the "Exodus", I wrote about in my poetry.

The novel also reveals the accuracy of the "east", as a philosophical orientation that supplements the "west" with the values it needs for people to be more social.

حملتك في ينابيعي غناء

وودا كان مأمولا

أيا من انت في شغفي

يقين النزعة الأولي

That means there shouldn't be a conflict between "east" and "west", as the concerns are about people and as long as the people are not different from each other. So, there shouldn't be social classes, but only equality in rights and responsibilities.

يا "نويهض" لا تلم

فرؤية الاوطان في عشقنا اولي

اوطاننا اكبادنا فكم صوله

تجول في ربوعها طرا

وتجعلها "لا قوة ولا حولا"؟

The HOA's Design Gallery as Part of the Cultural Section!

The collective philosophy of the cultural section of the Horn Africas Network is aiming toward the people, although the citation is about the people in the Horn of Africa to be more socialists and conquer religious phobias (as religions are for God and the states are for the people).

نحن واليّم في سفرٍ

عشية الوجوم

الي لغةٍ بالداخل

للعشيات الحزاني

والعشق المظلوم!

Modern and secular education should follow to build modern civilised and secular states that end to form one nation for all of the Horn Africa's people. I called that nation the United States of the Horn of Africa, but the name could be anything that refers to the unity concept.

هلا جمعتِ للسـُـري عطــرنا

بجــوفِ المــاءِ سيدتي

يذيبـُـك قَطْـــرةً

ويـطـْلِقُني أنــا

HOA calls through the USHA and the USHA Framework to use gathering opportunities of socialists from the devastated lands of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development to break the IGAD down, as it is a dead body that groups conflicted leaders.

Before such attempts, they should have mechanical instruments to build the wings of the social organization in every state in the area starting from Eritrea, because it is the only strong revolutionary state and then get into Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia with Somaliland, Sudan and Uganda.

هذا العِشْق يطْـلعُ

طفـلاً بعمـرِ السُّدم

يطْـلعُ تمـرا

ويطْـلعُ "جـدولا"

يرمي ثمـارَ الرجـاءِ الدفين

برحـمِ السنين

وبعـثِ المـلأ

This is what some of the HOAs political poetry aim at. The philosophical concept is divided in the poetry between life, as factual, love, politics and society. The conceptual social medium is in fact a solid foundation for socialism.

من يبقي علمَ الأمةِ مرفوعا

سيسمعُ هذا الصوتَ المهموس

يسمعُ هذا الجرسَ المهموس

يعلمُ ان شموس

في زمانِ الطلقِ تجوس

تبحثُ عن وطنٍ محبوس

The Objectivity of the Verse on the HOAs Design Gallery!

So, the poetry is objective from this point and it pinpoints the fragmentation the people live in the Horn of Africa and East Africa, although they are from one origin. That is something unabsorbed at all, according to the collective aesthetics of understanding the society.

From this point writing the poetry takes some quotations from within, philosophically, while wording, lettering and engraving the scriptures of poetry on those beautiful images.

هل ولّتْ أزمنةُ الشعوبِ؟

أين زماني...

من زمان ِارتدادِ القلوبِ؟

I consider all of this as the HOAs sacred bible, literary. This is although, I am not a fan of any religion phobias and I don't and will never like religion to be confused, or used by any state in politics. As stated, religions are for God and the states are for people.

امام العِشْقِ والملماتِ الخطيرة

لازال يعلو سنينَ الثقبِ الأخيرة

The bridge of this understanding gets through half a century of experiences with different political systems. I shouldn't call them "systems", as the system shouldn't be destructive, ever.

غريبٌ هواكِ

وفي أحضانِهِ تنهض "الخرطومُ"


يداعبُها النسيمُ الرقيقُ

فتخطف من خديه قُبلة

But, the systems we have in the Horn of Africa and East Africa are destructive, except for Eritrea and to some levels Uganda. There is no contradiction, as I have criticised Eritrea for dictatorship on some pages.

آتيك في اليوم الذي خَطَ الغرامُ به

حلماً بدارِ الشمسِ

يا نشوةَ الألقِ المقرقرِ

في إفترارِ الهمسِ

My point is, the system in Eritrea is done by the EPLF. After the independence in about ten years, the EPLF could have built EPLF in every Eritrean citizen, by only taking the lessons learned through the 30 year-struggle into the educational system.

Sawa obligatory military training is done wrong. It should have been done after setting up the educational system.

يا بعضَ "تاجوج" لا تفرزي

حكايةَ الذي أمضّه الغرامْ

بين شعرةٍ وشعرةٍ

يرفضُ الفطامْ

I worked with that very hard while I was journalist in the official newspaper of the state and in the headquarters of the ruling party through close relation and connection with educational authorities.

Such characters include the minister of education and the former head of the cultural section in the ministry, my friend Tekhly Abraha, along with Hannah Telahone.

لا تصدمي الرياحَ

لحظةَ الشقاءِ والتعبِ

لا تجهشي، زمانُ إرثنا

في الموتِ والشغبِ

زمانُ آدمٍ جديد

The environmental organization I launched after setting the goals stated in the fundamental law and the efforts I made to collect two members from each trade union to work in the environment organization.

That means to be coordinators in the organisation. I planned all the project with such insights to enable the organisation to control everything and implement the goals mentioned on the HOAs Design Gallery.




"يا جدولا غنائنا العميقْ

يا خليل، يا رضي"

يمدُّ ليلُنا حكايةَ الغريبِ

للغريبِ خصلةً

وخصلة ينامُ في عيونِها القمر

Some more points are clear at Environment and Environment Protection. However, what has been don was different, when the plans were taken by the authorities, after rumours that I was planning for a political party to build different type of organisation.

تقرعُ الطبول

نحو الشمسِ تمشي الشجرة

تهزُّ الثمرَ

وينتحبُ الغِضاف

بجوفِ الغصيناتِ اللطاف

However, before that has been done, I moved the people to follow the green program of the environment, as explained step by step to resolve the impacts of more than thirty years of wars on the soil. They planted more than 5000000 trees following the idea of the "martyr's tree".

في أعماقي كونٌ وضّاح

دفقُ اليّمِ به يجتاح

مدي الأيامِ السبع

Asmara is my lover, as well as Khartoum. While Khartoum expelled me like "shit", because of my revolutionary opinions, Asmara opened from the first day its warm bosom to cuddle and loll me, like its own son.

أرضُ ميعاد السنونو

والنورس الأزرق في عينيك


فنُوْدِعُ فيها من ألقٍ يهزّ النفسَ


ونلثمُ فيها غارَ الصحوِ والصحبة


ويطلعُ من قطارِ الهمِّ مطعوناً 

بها الشرقُ 

So, this is why I worked hard to support the Eritrean people, not only as a journalist in the official media, but also as an intellectual with good ideas to motivate the society. The "Martyr's Tree" is the proof.

أللحفاة يلهجُ هذا الفجر؟

ألابن السبيل؟

ام الآلم الجميل...

لا يكفي،

حتي يرفع الاحزان جيل؟

The aesthetics of these opinions in my head are clear on the poetry snippets you read through the images on the HOA Design Gallery and other galleries at HOAs Photo Scripture| HOAs Picture Gallery| HOAs Poetic Pictures| HOAs Poetry Aesthetics| HOAs Poetry Scripture| HOAs Poets Gallery| HOAs Sacred Poetry| HOAs Sacred Scripture| HOAs Scripture| HOAs Verse|

قالوا تنشقُ الي نصفين

وينازعُ بعضُكَ بعضا

أيا هذا الوطن الراحل في العينين

وَحَمُ الأرضِ توزع

بين الماءِ وبين الطين

They are also clear through the narration and texture on the collection of literary works in English on the Horn of Africa's Political Scene Blog. The pages are on the English version of the website at HOAs Cultural Project. The HOAs cultural section includes the following pages:

يعودُ الرأسُ اليكَ

- تحسس رأسَكَ

حتي يقفُ النزفُ

يعودُ الفجرُ فيأتلقُ


يسقطُ طيرَ الشنقِ


Directive| Etiolate Life| Her Lips Draw the Dream| HOAs Journalists| HOAs Journalists Project| HOAs Poets| HOAs Poets Bookshop| HOAs Poets Project| HOAs Self-Publishing| Horn of Africa's Bookshop| Horn of Africa's Journalists| Love Spice| Political Articles Tips| Squadron of Poets| Superstitions| The Hangover| The Need to Lead| The Sudanese Song Poetry| The Superlative|

ترحل في ثدي الجُرحِ

تخرج عن صمتِ الذاكرة

تمشي حافياً إذ تستبيك 

الخطي المهاجرة

أيان والأفق مسرح

الذئابِ المكابرة؟

تموت المفازةُ في خطي البريةِ

والطيرُ الطليق!

Whether through poetry, short stories, or political articles, why I am thinking of takin national problems to solve them regionally?

The people of the Horn of Africa and East Africa may not understand this. But, all of this is explained on many pages the HOA Political Scene Blog. The problems are almost similar in those states. They all are under threats of religious fundamentalism carried by terrorists in the political power in Khartoum.

تطلعين من رمادِ عشقنا

الذي اكتوت بنيرانه صدورنا

وتفتحين صمتنا

وتصمتين صمتنا

- صمتنا لا يكون غير صوتنا

You may think that the topic is not relevant to the HOAs Design Gallery. But, it is so close when you read it with an open mind and see that the poems are revolutionary, even when they are about emotional and love themes.

تنزلين الربوةَ الفيحاءَ

وادي الزرع


"انتِ، نحن" لي "بنا"!

The relevancy extends into bilingual section on the HOA Political Scene at the Arabic HOA Political Scene. Many of the pages include commentaries posted by loyal readers.

Literary works in Arabic on the HOA PoliticalScene are on the Arabic version of the website at Arabic HOA Political Scene.

Arabic Short Story| Eritrean Anecdotes| Eritrean Chronicle| Eritrean Stories| Freedom Bells| HOAs Arabic Prose| Caligula the Sudanese| Suakini Cat| The Frame|

 شيكاغو والهنود السودانيون| تغييب الذاكرة يؤدي الي تفريغ المظاهرات| أدبيات التعليق السياسي حول سياسات القرن الافريقي| إذا الشعب في السودان أراد الحياة| للكذب ثلاثة ألوان| كيف أحصل علي مدونة كمدونة القرن الافريقي| علي هامش إحتفالات التغييب الذهني للمواطن السوداني في كل أنحاء السودان| مسرحية العرائس السودانية المثيرة| تراجيديا المحاكاة والشبه بين تشاد والسودان| كيف وضعوا وطنا كاملا وشعبا كاملا داخل برواز؟| العشق زمن البرتقال والسحب الأليفة| كاليجولا السوداني| علمني هذا الإنسان النبيل| الكويت واحدة من أهم المحطات الصحفية في حياتي| القطّ السواكني| البرواز| تخلصوا من الخرافة السياسية يسلم السودان| السياسة… أه السياسة! الثقافة… آه الثقافة! الشفافية… آه الشفافية| من سرق حياتي؟|

Some other important pages about HOA are at HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter| HOA Search| HOAs Data Analyzing| HOAs Political Business| HOAs Refugees| HOAs Refugees Project| HOAs Videos| Horn Africas Bulletins| Horn Africas Ezines| Horn Africas Journal| Horn Africas JournalistsHorn Africas Newsletters| Horn Africas Political NewslettersPolitical Sense Journal|

The consistency of the literary pages strengthen the political pages, so the theme is tied with its parts connected with each other.

اختيارك العظيم سوسنه

الشمسُ برتقالةٌ

ونحن في مدارِ عشقنا




يديرُ الألسنهْ

What defines politics in this direction defines also the orientation of the literary pages to make the theme coherent. Logically, anything politics has its literature. Not only that, but the literature is the foundation of anything politics.

The Sudan we know is million square mile land, before the fragmentation done by the Sudanese military religious regime. Most of the fresh waters of the Blue Nile and the White Nile run in Sudan. So, it is the Sudanese Nile for this reason. There is no reason to be called by any other name than the Sudanese Nile.

طيفُك الـ "وهبْ"

فعلنا الـ "ذهبْ"

رائعٌ، مشاغبٌ

وثورةٌ غضبْ

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