Political Articles Tips!

These are political articles tips to help you write political articles or comment on the Horn of Africa political scene. You can use the political articles guideline for any other purpose, as well.

I announced those political articles writing tips on the HOA Political Scene 46 because we have received many political articles and comments with many language mistakes.

Those political articles tips are important, so consider them to accelerate publishing your political articles. Thanks.

If you cannot pay attention and take time to improve your own political articles, then who else has time to check them thoroughly, correct them, re-edit them entirely and publish them? Make it easy for us to publish your articles.

Take those tips for good political articles writing seriously to improve your writing skills.

Important guidelines to submit good fresh political comments or political articles:

** In regards to articles, use the formula of what, when, where, why (this is the area of your observation, view and insight) and (how), adds to it from the prospective of the way it has happened and your thoughts about the proper way it should happen.

** Please, DO NOT submit copyrighted political articles or comments from other sources.

** If you read good political articles in other resources and liked them, you can write your own political article inspired by the political topic in those articles.

** Keep the sentences in your political article short.

** Organize your political article by building it in short paragraphs for smooth and easy reading.

** Use sub-titles in suitable places between the political ideas on those paragraphs and make the sub-titles bold by inserting the sub-title between < b >< /b >. Remove the spaces you see here between those brackets. There should be no spaces.

** Start your sentences and names in your political article by capital letters.

** Do not use SMS language and young people’s language in your political articles.

** Sign your political articles by your real name, your status (i.e. worker, lawyer, high school student).

** Upload personal picture to identify and make your expertise reliable and acknowledged.

** Upload some relevant pictures to the topic of your political article. (All this will make good political articles directory in the HOA Political Scene).

** Write your political articles in Microsoft Word document first to help you correct spelling. When you finish this job, copy and paste it on a text block or WordPad. Copy it from WordPad and paste it in the form. You can also get a friend to read your article and help you figure where mistakes are to amend it.

We publish those political articles tips to help you get published as soon as you submit your political article. Even if your political articles are opposing some political ideas on this website, they are good to go live and other readers will read and comment on them.

Khalid Osman's Digested Quote of the Day!

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- Yes, the best advice in political articles tips is, it is better to PLAY GAMES, NOT WARS!

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