HOAs Poems Make Your Day Beautiful!

The HOAs Poems make your day beautiful, certainly. They are beautifully written and designed on beautiful pictures to read snippets of poems, some of which run as quotes and get the spirit to be a phenomena, just there in your field.

I am sure of what they do, if you like poetry, or you want to get the influence from poetry to express something important in your life. Of course, if the language of the poetry is yours, you can do more with it by reading such poetic expressions.

أهذي السيقان تراها

علي جسدِ الحسنِ

قد أشتد رؤاها

او تخطب سواها

ام الذي مشيتَ اليه

قد حسبته حلما يفيق؟

In such case, you can take the snippets of poetry on those beautiful posters to hang anywhere you like to read when you want to go to bed, or when you get out of your bed. You can hang them even at your office, or other workplace to read them sometimes, during intervals to fire any depression away.

You can hang them even at your office, or other workplace to read them sometimes, during intervals to fire any depression away.

أهي رعشة الأهداب

أم لثغة فيها

أم  لمحة، أم لفتة تشتيها

أم انها كانت نبيهة

فأحكمت الزنار

 علي خصر يضيق؟

The snippets of poetry, or as I love call them the couplets of poetry with their own poetic expressions are not found anywhere else by any other person.

تموسِقُك الليالي الضالعات

في عنقِ الفرحِ البهيِّ

الساجعات في محاجرِ العيون


إلي حيث اني فتحتُ لكِ

فتحا مبينا

يرقصُ النهرُ عجزا و صدرا

I posted some at Instagram and elsewhere. You can make sure that they belong to me by titles, my full name and some of the URLs included, especially on iTunes at Rising Phoenix Picture Book published by my daughter.

I am the creator of those new expressions in poetry following my own understanding and feeling regarding the aesthetics of poetry. I have even created what I call the surrealistic poetry, as no one in my language has done it before me, seriously.

It is not assumption, or something like that. It is naked reality, as in our world, old school critics think that poetry can't be run by thinking and intelligentsia and it also can't be philosophical, or surrealistic. You can't, for example say, "the thinking poetry".

في أعماقي كونٌ وضّاح

دفقُ اليّمِ به يجتاح

مدي الأيامِ السبع

At the last of the couplet, talking about the range of days, the next word could be taken specifying the days as seven days, suggesting the seven days of the week.

So the noun for numbers in Arabic should follow days to be linguistically and according to the grammar feminized. When the name is in a masculine form the numbers follow feminized and vice-versa.

كوني لجراحي الملح

جراحي لا يغسلها

غير الجرح

آتيتك، ناداني

هذا الجرس المنغوم


حين الوصلة الاولي

I didn't do that, which seems breaking the grammar rules. But, no I am not breaking any grammar rules, because I wasn't referring to numbers and to the days of the week, although the "range" suggests that.

أولجُ في قلبكِ قيدي المثقال

أواه أنا...

فكي القيدَ واحترزي مدَّ الحرية

الحبُ السهل الممتد

الحبُ السهل الممتد

I was using this specific word after days, referring not in any normal way, to something else, jumping the adjective to suggest simile and metonymy in the entire poem.

تطلعين من رمادِ عشقنا

الذي اكتوت بنيرانه صدورنا

وتفتحين صمتنا

وتصمتين صمتنا

- صمتنا لا يكون غير صوتنا

Regarding the surrealistic poetry, or even imagism in poetry, these are new poetry forms. In "Cheeky Dream" for example, surrealistic expressions are very clear. For example, how could a dream wakeup?

فاتحة –

حملتُ هواكِ جُرْحاً شقيّا

انتبذتُ به مكاناً شرقيا

فطلعتْ من هواي زهرةٌ

خجولةٌ ولغةٌ حييه

 تنزلين الربوةَ الفيحاءَ

وادي الزرع


"انتِ، نحن" لي "بنا"!

هلا جمعتِ للسـُـري عطــرنا

بجــوفِ المــاءِ سيدتي

يذيبـُـك قَطْـــرةً

ويـطـْلِقُني أنــا

... أسقنيـه

هذا العِشْق يطْـلعُ

طفـلاً بعمـرِ السُّدم

يطْـلعُ تمـرا

ويطْـلعُ "جـدولا"

يرمي ثمـارَ الرجـاءِ الدفين

برحـمِ السنين

وبعـثِ المـلأ

أخرجُ من بيتي ممتزجاً بالدمِ






- استباحَ يقيني وعانقني -

أمتشقُ حسامي

ألامسُ جمرَكِ سيدتي

يكتسبُ السيفُ لسانَ النار

أفرحُ سيدتي


يعتقني الخمرُ ويجمعني

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