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Mar 13, 2010
HOA is the Jungle of Dictators!
by: Eritrean

HOA and the business of politics are nicely discussed in this blog, and the discussion stand on good expression grounds. And it is good to get like Debaba's title as to share comments. I think there is no country in HOA that is free from a dictator. If you thought there is, just let us know with concrete proofs to your claim.

All the dictators in the Horn are living at the expense of blood and they are all bloodsuckers, thus they secure their existence by having good friendship with each other.

Al-Bashir went to Eritrea to meet his Eritrean counterpart when the international court ordered his arrest. Why he did not went to South Africa or to Denmark.

Once the Eritrean dictator, Ethiopian Meles, Libyan Gaddafi or other big dictators got this threat, they will go and hide behind the nearby dictator. So what is wrong with the poor People? Let us work together to be free from dictatorship and build our democracy.

Feb 01, 2010
I Appreciate Your Contribution, Hanna!
by: Admin

Thanks to our regular commentator Enkidu Debaba. I also appreciate your good contribution, Hannah.

You read my mind very good. The inherited legacy of sectarianism has no chance to survive in the twenty first century.

History is getting beyond this kind of servitude to the masters of those beliefs. The people could manage whatever they believe on without having to bow to those masters whether they wear civil (jubbahs) or military uniforms.

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Feb 01, 2010
We are Not Greedy of course, But ...!
by: Hanna G.

It is not because of our greediness that we lost hope in good health, peace and security. It is theirs. They planned the scene in power very well to dominate for as long as they wish.

They managed through many attempts to keep the people busy struggling for their own daily demands and avoid any political engagement. They build political illiteracy in every country in the Horn of Africa to keep the people ignorant and loyal. However, they forgot that the people are not that dumb.

In the other hand, they encouraged many rebellious movements to rise and they know how to invest such uprising to strengthen their positions in power. Some people are obviously ruled by loyalty to some sectarian powers from generation to generation.

In such climate of sectarianism and tribalism, however, I have strong hope that sincere and generous people could build good climate for the revolution to take place. I appreciate the hard efforts of the publisher of this website to light a candle for people to see the way.

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