Long Term Presidency Means Dictatorship!

by Ali Mohd. Ali

When a president whether in the Horn of Africa or in any other country in the world keeps going for more than 15 years, so what does that mean?

This is dictatorship. There is no description to give it rather than this one.

If the president came from a revolutionary field to the political chair, and continues sitting there for more than 15 years, this does not necessarily mean that the political chair has magic on him.

I simply interpret that by saying, they are not revolutionists any more and they have no revolutionary visions or obligations to transform the state to be a revolutionist state.

Therefore, they invest their time to organize national assemblies to carry parliamentary duties that insure they keep in power for life.

Presidents who came to the political chair and have taken to it on tanks, worked hard to strengthen emergency laws, ban and resolve other trade unions and replace them by other trade unions formed basically from their supporters and allies from the old political powers.

They created also their own national assemblies to carry on their programs and other related agendas to eliminate any activism made by the members of the old political parties.

Their political inspiration is only meant to empower their flowers to protect the dictatorial system they lead. Some of them, like the dictator in Sudan use some verses from Quran to maintain political inspirations among simple Muslim people who may think that the regime is serious about their Islam.

In Sudan, in fact, they do not care about it. It is only propaganda to deceive the people. The proofs are in their personal behaviours, in robbing the national treasury, in spying on others, in treating detainees badly without fair trials, in killing Muslim people in the forbidden month of Ramadan and in their lies.

Traditionally Muslim people sometimes need anti-propaganda to those dictators and good political education to get out of the influence of those dictators.

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نُشرت مطلع هذا العام

رواية "الموتُ شرقاً" تكشف لك سرّ الموت الشرقي التراجيدي المستمر للإنسان

Sudanese Journalist, poet, write and human and political activist Khalid Mohammed Osman

احصل علي الرواية الآن واكتشف إنهيار القواسم المشتركة، واستلهم إبداعا يشبه الأسطورة في النص الروائي

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