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A Kind of Insanity in Somalia!

Those problems are a matter of the insanity sometimes. They grew deeply from within through the previous military dictatorship of Mohammed Siad Berry in 1969-1991.

They are just delivering their impacts into the recent situation, so the country has experienced political troubles and unrest for a long time.

While the Somali opposition worked to topple Barry using democratic measures, I wrote about Somalia's political problems and published news and analyses about this issue in Al-Watan Newspaper in Kuwait.

Sayad Barry's embassy in Kuwait was not pleased and the ambassador office contacted the editor-in-chief so many times to stop writing about the Somali political scene and the dictatorial military regime in Somalia.

The ambassador himself visited the newspaper in his luxurious automobile (I was in my office looking at the newspaper's parking through the window, when his driver stopped there and the ambassador walked towards the entrance) talked with the acting editor-in-chief that time and requested to meet me to discuss this issue.

The deputy editor-in-chief Gazi al Jasim, knew that will get me into troubles so he excused his guest for a while, while he was drinking his caffe, came to my office and asked me whether I want to speak with him, or not. I told him to tell the ambassador that I am in London and I am corresponding the newspaper from there.

Gazi declared to "his excellency" that I was not working in the newspaper main office but I correspond the newspaper from London.

Unfortunately, I was taking care of one of my Somali friends' family that time while he was somewhere in the world working for the Somali National Movement, so that information came to the ambassador's ears through one meeting of some Somali families in Salemiyah, Kuwait.

I continued to write sincerely about Somalia and conducted some interviews with some Somalis who were living in Kuwait in good positions. One of those Somali sources was a member of the Somali National Movement.

The embassy forgot about this issue after that.

Starting from that date in 1984 up to this moment and exactly after 25 years, the political problems in Somalia have been escalated and Somalia has deteriorated badly. It seems, as if the Somali people swear to God that, they will not leave the country in peace until they destroy it completely.

It is very sad to witness the destruction of one of the most beautiful countries in the Horn of Africa and to see more nice people
die for nothing.

Somalia doesn't need a clan, or a religion to be the causes of the mad wars.

Sometimes those who love Somalia ask, when would the insanity stop. That is not predictable, unfortunately.

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