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May 12, 2016
How Could You Explain That?
by: Hersi

I don't expect fabrication to such big issue. How could you imagine that, with the pictures broadcasted clearly on the sea operations and the pictures showing the currency market of the pirates inside Somalia?

Is all of this a movie?

You can't bring Somalis to play the crew and be pirates in the movie.

Yes, there is a conspiracy somewhere in the story, but that doesn't prove your point.

Jun 14, 2014
In Fact They Don't!
by: Anonymous

The Somali pirates even never existed, so how could they have real-estates?

All of the issue is well fabricated by the international media. Those described as Somali pirates are simple people people who wanted only to protect their sea resources, especially fisheries as they depend on fish to survive as simple fishermen.

They don't know how to organize such international piracy network in the Somali costal area and all the money that claimed to be ransoms to free kidnapped ships is only a piece of that international media fabrication.

The problem is that they found many ships coming from as far as Korea to do sea exploration during the absent of a national government and the distraction of the country and see whether they could find some neglected sea treasury in this devastated country and rob it.

In addition, many ships came frequently from Iran, Israel and other countries to the area to drop their nuclear waste in the Somali coast.

The Somali fishermen have not even known that. They are just simple people who could not understand such issues and they couldn't think even of such things to happen.

Where are the ransoms said to be paid to them? Have anyone seen any money paid to them? You only see bags submitted to some people through the international TV channels. But, where's the money?

Everything, in my opinion, is just fabricated and maybe directed by even the companies that make the insurance for the named ships to heave the insurance, or maybe steal the ransoms.

This is an international piracy, but not Somalis. The truth should be said. Do more researches on piracy investigate such issues and you will see the outcome.

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