Sudanese Unite and Stop the Conspiracies!

The leaders who spoke about the political issue revealed their intentions to bring the Israeli-Arabic issue into Sudan.

From their parts, the Arabic media exposes this to bring the same issue into Sudan. The BBC was not far from this intention and the conspiracies against the unity of the Sudanese people are quite clear.

However, the regional elements and the international elements use local cartoons to drive these conspiracies and fulfil their dreams of breaking the biggest country in Africa.

Are the Sudanese people aware of this?

They both do this in a very sensitive time all those good Sudanese citizens who are concerned about the unity of the country dislike to hear at this time.

They do not like it because it is not of their interest while the country is about to go fragmented by two worst mentalities that rule in the south and in the north.

The ruling party in the north is responsible of the deterioration of the political situations in the country, responsible of the sorrow and sadness every national Sudanese feel, responsible of changing the political struggle to tribal and religious dilemmas and responsible of fragmenting Sudan.

Sudanese unite, demonstrate, go in civil strike and oust this regime to retain the integrity of Sudan.

No north without south and no south without north.

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