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There is no National Unity Government in Sudan!

by Omer Bashir Hassan

There is no national unity government in Sudan. This is only a political shape to continue "donkeynizing", let me quote you using the very amazing expression you have created, I say to continue "donkeynizing" the Sudanese people.

A national unity government should be built solely of political powers in the opposition. This is what has been necessary to achieve in the peace talks. The SPLM/SPLA has betrayed the opposition. It broke off the Asmara deal to rule the South of Sudan and submitted the other parties in the opposition to those dictators on the golden dish.

Unfortunately and unexpectedly, the religious military dictators have succeeded in pulling the SPLM/SPLA out of the opposition and breaking the political ambitions that aimed to overthrow them by arms as they have stolen the power by arms.

It was not the SPLM/SPLA duty to work on behalf of the other parties in the opposition. The other parties in the opposition especially those socialist parties should have been wise to work better to avoid emptying the opposition as the dictators wished.

I think at that time chances were strong for other parties in the opposition to get those dictators out of power by working concussively with the SPLM to make the southern movement run negotiations by enforcing the "going back" to the last political period during the last peace agreement in Addis Ababa.

However, although I believe that those rightist parties are just as bad as those military dictators, but the final point is that there is no legitimate reason for the presence of those dictators in the political scene in Sudan.

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