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Jan 13, 2010
It May Seem as Concussion to the Sudanese Brain!
by: Admin

As for the Sudanese opposition to work concussively with the SPLM, I think you meant "cohesively" to ensure that negotiations with the southern movement involves the other parties in the opposition in stead of playing "the pregnant is always deaf", the term you know in the Sudanese literature. That word you used is for a brain shock or strike a blow.

However, although it would have been better but I will never trust those parties that have ruled Sudan since the independence of the country, as they are the reasons of the recent dilemma.

Jan 13, 2010
Well, No National Unity Government
by: Admin

. . . but national robbing of the national treasury.

Your article reminds me of the early days of what they call independence of Sudan from the British colonization.

When the first national government robbed the country well and failed, claims had been that leaders of that government died poor.

However, I wonder what does the term poor mean; since they lived in that time the luxurious life they ever dreamt of it?

When the Umma party's government plotted and submitted the government to the army, many leaders of the army robbed the national treasury.

When the people revolted and the second civil government claimed the political power, they came to continue robbing the national treasury.

Now, you see the same faces, the same military stars, the same beards, the same "sibha", the same "jubba" and you see how the robbing circle circles in Sudan.

Note: Your name appears similar to the name of the leader of this dictatorial regime. Is it truly your name? I hope so. Please share this page with your services through the buttons on this webpage and forward it to those people you know from Forward HOA's Political Scene and join our friends at Horn of Africa's Friends. Thanks.

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