Crackdown on Human Rights Escalates in Sudan!

by Admin

Crackdown on human rights in Sudan is not something new although the human rights organizations work hard and send continuous alerts about such issue, which becomes the habitual factor of the Sudanese dictators.

Sudanese people live always in the crackdown on human rights since 21 years. They lived the same situation before that for 16 years. The first time they lived the miserable situation of the crackdown on human rights was during the late 1950 and they lived this situation for 4 years.

So, that is 41 years of crackdown on human rights and on democracy.

For how many years did the British and the Egyptians colonize the country?

How many crackdowns on human rights had they committed?

I do not think that they had done the worst tortures, rapes, killings, displacement of people, dismissal of non-adherents and forcing the nationals to evacuate the country like those 3 dictatorial regimes in Sudan.

However, that is not the intention to compare between different kinds of devils.

The intention is that, we have exhausted people in Sudan by now, because of all these means of the crackdowns on human rights.

The Sudanese people have lived only three so-called democratic periods, for less than 12 years.

We cannot compare those 12 years by the 41 years.

The fact is that, there are almost 5 generations that grew under dictatorships, educated by their Islamic curriculum in place, followed their Islamic mobilization and enforced by the phobias of the same religious leaders to do their military compulsory services and follow the badly planned Islamic schemes they put in place before getting to the universities. Thus all those generations are well-brainwashed through those 41 years.

If we add this fact to the fact that during the 12 years of discontinued semi-democracies, 3 generations were also well brainwashed by sectarian beliefs, then we could imagine that there are only few people from those generations to stand with solid secular perspectives, thanks to their international cultural readings and self-education.

Those make the best intelligentsia we have in the Sudan and the secular political body of the country.

By now, and apparently to some
levels, the national intelligentsia and amid them the secular political activists should take great efforts to bring the cultural gabs between those generations down to achieve any change they wish. This is because even the people's uprising in the neighbourhood have not enticed them enough to storm the streets of Khartoum and other big cities refusing this regime.

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