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Jul 01, 2010
Wellness and Fairness are Important for Juba's Alliance!
by: Anonymous

This is important step to work towards the unity of Sudan.

However, in spite of the efforts of Juba's Alliance, I think the Sudanese People's Liberation Front should put heavy weights through hard and sincere efforts in the south of Sudan to encourage the people to vote for unity.

The south Sudan is yet to consider as living fast stability. The differences between the tribes in the south could explode any time and then the south will never take advantages of its separation if the people decided that option.

Hopes will never achieve anything. Therefore, practical methods are necessary since the political problems in Sudan are clear.

It is required for the efforts of Juba's Alliance to succeed the Alliance should come out with a doable program and then have this program approved by the Sudanese people through cross-nations surveys.

The Alliance should begin this campaign by raising funds for it. It is easy to do and the nationals will be willing to contribute to the national campaigns for unity.

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Sudanese Journalist, poet, write and human and political activist Khalid Mohammed Osman

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