Democracy and Justice in Sudan!

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hoa-politicalscene.com/democracy-and-justice-in-sudan.html - Democracy and Justice in Sudan has shadows that appear in poet Khalid Mohammed Osman's political poetry

hoa-politicalscene.com/democracy-and-justice-in-sudan.html - Democracy and Justice in Sudan has shadows that appear in poet Khalid Mohammed Osman's political poetry "Consistency".

Democracy and justice in Sudan do not mean anything to some international political powers such as the ruling system in the United State.

Many people do not understand until this moment the root of the relations between the right wing parties, especially those claimed to be Islamic parties with the American policy in the Middle East and North Africa.

Reviewing this policy in Sudan and other countries could raise many questions. In regards to Sudan, the question could be simple.

What has happened to make the American delegation in Sudan agree to the demands of the ruling party in Sudan to abolish the arrest warrant against the Sudanese dictator and the debts of the ruling party?

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Up on the surface there is no progress; perhaps, until there were some hidden agendas. The American interpretation to this step comes to say it is necessary to help the ruling party carry the Referendum in Southern Sudan in its time and to facilitate some kind of processes. That was what the American delegation threw to the media.

At the same time, the American delegation in the Sudanese conflict advised the two partners of the peace agreement to solve the issue of the referendum in Abeiye by sharing it between the north and the south; a suggestion the southern partner in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement rejects.

The rejection of the SPLM in the South Sudan came at the time well explained by some facts in the ground of Abeiye, which had faced serious unrest and the rights of its people to decide their future after that prolonged unrest.

All of this makes the perplexed situation, as I wrote Comprehensive Peace Agreement Perplexed Sudanese and then some commentaries dropped at Comprehensive Peace Agreement Perplexed Sudanese Comments.

Peace accord forced by international power as the Background on Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement suggests and highlights at the Background on Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement Comments.

From this American scenario, it is clear that the ideology of the war against terror does not matter more than urgent economical interests in the political game.

In other words, the dictatorial regime in Sudan plays this sneaky game by changing its skin to pass the complicated political situation, and the American party plays it to gain more political and economical interests in the future.

But, what about the war against terror in Afghanistan, when we look at it, especially it is well known that the ruling party in Sudan was one of the fundamental feeders of the terror? Will it end too?

Many people could possibly ask these questions and never find answers to them until they read more. Find some answers. Read this article at Fletcher.

Disclaimer: This article is never against people and it is advised by citizen journalism. It only highlights policies that could harm the people here and there.

What Interests the USA has in Sudan?

Did the War Against Terror End in Sudan?

Use the comment link at the bottom of the page to answer and write details on the issue.

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We don't play in anything concerning the future of Sudan... and the Sudan we see is the secular modern and independent 1,000,000 square mile land, in addition to other lost territories at the far northeast and the far northwest.

Stand up, Sudanese.

Love in poetry is for the nation as it appears from

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As journalist Khalid Mohammed Osman sees it since 1989, the deterioration of everything in Sudan started from 1956, when the British left the country to sectarianism with the southern issue burning.

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Sudanese Journalist, poet, write and human and political activist Khalid Mohammed Osman

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