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Dictators Plan Imminent Secession in Sudan!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Alfa / Sudan)

South Sudan Counts Down for Referendum 2011

South Sudan Counts Down for Referendum 2011

Dictators plan the imminent secession in Sudan! That is obvious.

The 20 years war in the south of Sudan was not easy to express the casualties and the extent of damages in both sides. The comprehensive peace agreement in 2005 put an end to the bloodshed in southern Sudan.

The agreement was a suitable solution to end the barriers between the two parties. The rights of self-determination to vote for "unity or separation" were the main topics in the peace process.

The regime in the power knows that and knows its policy will reflect negatively on the political scene in Sudan. In spite of this, the military regime remains unchanged and plays deaf to continue its policy without any changes.

While the regime continues its religious / military dictatorial rule, it lost the ability to attract the south. This proves that the regime have never thought of good policy to achieve better integration to the south.

The leader of the military regime spends five years singing and dancing during public meetings instead of making strong commitment and taking action to strengthen the unity of the country by democracy and equality.

It is not easy for the south Sudan to separate at this time but it might be an alternative in the next years, 2011.

The effect of dictatorial rule in Sudan creates such huge differences between the states and encourages the states to run for secession.

Democracy is the only effective weapon to bring all parties together and yet the dictators can't understand it.

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