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The American Policy Exposed in Sudan!

by Admin

One of the concerned people in politics asked me recently, "What ties are there between America, Sudan and terrorism?"

Since the question is so broad, sorry, I meant since the answer is so broad, I tried to explain to him how the American governments treated some international issues during the cold war.

At that time, I was a journalist in Kuwait and I worked in two socialist newspapers and magazines. Yes, I said socialists although I was in Kuwait, one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

America is one of the greatest powers in the world and it is a continent for people from all over the world that make the mixture of the American society, and the continent is home to great numbers of people from African origin. Even the recent American president is African.

However, when it comes to politics and the role of the American administration in Sudan and other countries in the world we see miracles that citizen journalism criticizes for the sake of justice.

Human Rights Watch has criticized the USA over a policy that undermines the International Criminal Court (ICC) here at Some Countries Undermine the ICC.

Domination is very bad because it reveals dictatorship and exposes the face of imperialism. Not only that, but the dominant power refuses to consider other weak people, people.

The world knows by now the American administration has created the groups America and the west fight now in Afghanistan during the cold war. In addition, the American foreign policy is always oriented to assist the parties of the Muslim Brothers in the Middle East and Africa.

The comedy in this policy is that the Muslim Brothers in Sudan have always cried out loudly against America expressing that the moment to punish America has arrived. They express that in their demonstrations and meetings and demonstrate themselves as anti-Americans’ policy worldwide, although they know they have no abilities to fight a great power like America and they know their creators.

Lately in June last year, the leader of the People's Conference Party in Sudan, Hassan Abdullah al-Turabi and the members of the party attended a Ramadan breakfast in the American Embassy in Khartoum in last Ramadan.

If you have a question about who is who and you want to know Hassan al Turabi as a leader of the Muslim Brothers, the Islamic Convention Front and the National Islamic Front, please read about the NIF here and get some useful resources below.

Here are the pictures that expose this tragicomedy above.

The Crisis of American Foreign Policy: Wilsonianism in the Twenty-first Century

Policy and Opinion in the Gulf War (American Politics and Political Economy Series)

American Foreign Policy and Postwar Reconstruction: Comparing Japan and Iraq (Routledge Studies in US Foreign Policy)

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