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Sudanese Military Dictator Tries to Return Civilian!

by Ali Abdul Rahman

Leader of the Religious Military Regime Tries to Return Civilian!

Commander of the governing military and religious junta takes off his military uniform to return civilian.

He continued for twenty years in office as president and has made the people live in hard conditions spreading corruption, poverty and wars and enforcing great numbers of people to escape Sudan. He however decided to escape from the responsibilities of the military coup in 1989 and bad governance.

The leader named Hassan al-Bashir wanted by such decision to abandon the army command to run in upcoming presidential elections in the Sudan.

Omar al-Bashir led a military coup when he was a brigadier in the army in June 1989 and betraying the national duty of the army to lead the National Islamic Front's junta to seize power in the name of the NIF, which is the development and the penultimate of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan.

In addition, his coup that was a denial of basic freedoms led to the expelling of more than 5 million Sudanese people from their jobs. It led also to the displacement of more than 11 millions of Sudanese people from their homes, many of which have become political refugees in a number of countries in the West for the first time in the history of Sudan.

He as a commander of the military dictatorial regime has promoted religious hatred himself after seizing the power from one civilian government led by the flimsy weak Sadiq al-Mahdi for his brother in law Hassan Al Turabi, leader of the NIF; and reached the rank of Field Marshal.

How could the Sudanese people forget all that tragedy?

He has led the country during his years in power, to lose great potentials of great productive projects in the Sudan. His policy resulted in the collapse of some projects in al Rahad, White Nile, Blue Nile, Darfur and other projects of agricultural machinery in eastern Sudan.

The military regime reduced the markets of Sudan's traditional livestock and led to the collapse of the textile industry, oil seeds, and leather; and opened the country for Chinese goods for the sake of the Chinese investment in the Sudanese oil industry.

The dictatorial regime organized the plundering of the country's oil revenues, which no one knows where these revenues went despite the clarity of the issue.

The huge oil revenues have been looted and few portions were used in building weak infrastructural roads and bridges to deceive the people. There were also weak attributes of the loans for the construction of a dam in Marawi despite the existence of oil revenues.

All of this could be an indication of the size of the systematic looting carried out by Islamic system as it claims. The results of those loans with compound interests will be present as a burden on Sudan because the profits increase as loans overdue payment of Sudan prolonged.

The religious military system still brags about the size of what it calls the economic boom and progress of civilization in its reign and apparently is deceiving the people.

The consequences of such aggressive system will continue to reflect negatively on the performance of any government in the future and the country will remain constrained by the size of debt and corruption left by the Sudanese dictator while he and his gangs in the Muslim Brotherhood escape from legal liability.

They all threw wool over the eyes through a policy of obscurantism practiced by the regime against the Sudanese.

That such attempt from the head of the satanic religious military system is just an attempt to get back to power as civilian.

Thus, the people of Sudan remain weak and incapable of accountability, to decide how to treat those thieves.

A sincere call: Please wake up people.

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