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They are Selling and Buying Human beings in Libya!

by Selamawi

Attention, UNHCR!

Theft Becoming Legal and Known Among Libyan Police Officials!

Libyan Society on the WRONG TRUCK

It is a universal truth that any community needs a well-organized security as so as keeping law and order. Even the most stable society needs this thing, and the personnel appointed to carry this responsibility for the community should understand their duties and serve the country.

Is it acceptable to see a country where these police officials actively engaged in an activity that seems legal theft? Now a daze a Libyan police official feels no shame to take money from an illegal immigrant including refugees handling the attestation of UNHCR. It is really surprising for the outside world to hear this issue but it is true. The most conservative Libyan culture I ever heard is on the way to be changed to a level that can never be as before once it rides on the wrong truck.

Let’s come back to the fact on ground. Refugees, in particular Eritrean refuges, are now MONEY in Tripoli. They are exchanged at the expense of US Dollars. Nearly all police officials working in the detention centres handling Eritrean refugees are already corrupted and look money either by force from pocket or ask the detainees to be released at the expense of money.

Others should immediately replace the vacant place of the released. From where? Just from their home and from the streets. They have started a common business with civilian well-fit thieves than have a car and international cell phone that mimic them with security.

These thieves search where Eritrean refugees (Sometimes even Somalis), ask them if they do have UNHCR papers to make them as legal as possible. Those who do not have the papers are asked to go with them to be given a paper, after that the police give some money to the thieves because at the same time the police release detainees from inside at the expense of US$500-900. Mammy!

What I am worried about are not only the victims, but also on the future of Libyan society tending more and more uncontrollable by the governmental officials. The government cannot stop this legal theft and corruption. All the current developing theft is warring situation for the well-cultured Libyan society, all the youth are also actively engaged in robbery.

So many Eritrean refugees are attacked by knife in Gurgi-Shari'e Ashera area here in Tripoli. Nobody cares about the victims, as the law is tending to become law that gives priority to Libyans.

At last, I expect if the Libyan higher officials can prevent the things at their starting point rather than suffering with them later. I also expect the international community to take the situation of Eritrean refugees at majority and Somalis to some extent. They are victims of the theft by police and are crying all-out.


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