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Jun 08, 2010
Empowering Your Comments about Eritrean Refugees!
by: Admin

Thanks to commentators in this thread. Reasons for Eritrean political refugees to flee to Libya are many. They decide their destinies and that is not our duty.

However, I could understand why sometimes people ask about the best options to take the right way to the right country. That point is important as advice in good faith. Your comments enlighten the way we all could see things clear.

I appreciate warmly, the energy Selamawi inputs in those pages he built in this network to empower his humanitarian aim. However, sincere actions needed to attract the attention and to fund even some projects for those people we care about them.

I know many and I have some individuals to support through some projects in this network. I know that it is important to do such job to fulfil humanitarian goals. All projects are intended to support this network and help it to support humans in areas of interests as shown in the following links.

Selamawi has built his network by his name here at Selamawi. You can read at the same time the Entire HOA's Projects all the way through USHA, HOAs Comprehensive Projects, HOAs Cultural Project, HOAs Poets, HOAs Poets Project, Squadron of Poets, Horn of Africa's Journalists, HOAs Journalists and HOAs Journalists Project.

Jun 08, 2010
Let's Talk about Solutions, Not Causes!
by: Selamawi

Why Eritreans go to Libya is not like any other sub-Saharan Africans, may be to work and make money in Libya.

To know why they continue their way to Libya, then it is good also to ask why they left their country..., which is not my intention to reply.

But, all the reason well known, they are still flowing to Libya and they have been facing all the abuse since long time.

What you, everybody and I should do is, trying to help the victims get their rights and get international protection.

What they want today is not to be asked why they came to Libya, but how they can be delivered from the mud they are immersed in.

Mar 25, 2010
Why Eritreans Fled to Libya?
by: Medhani

I am asking those who know why Eritreans fled to Libya. Could anybody tell me?

I know for sure, that Eritreans used to flee in great numbers to Sudan, where they found good treatments and they even gather there to organize themselves in political groups and fronts.

Sudan has given them not only good hospitality, but also the strategic back-wall to retreat during their armed struggle to free their country.

Weapons have been shipped to the Eritrean movements through Port Sudan. They received also arms from the Sudanese army.

Why they flee to Libya nowadays to be bought and sold?

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