Compare the Dictators!

by Enkidu Debaba

hoa-politicalscene.com/compare-the-dictators.html - Compare the Dictators by Ethiopian writer Enkidu Debaba, a HOA Political Scene's pen name.

hoa-politicalscene.com/compare-the-dictators.html - Compare the Dictators by Ethiopian writer Enkidu Debaba, a HOA Political Scene's pen name.

Any government that stays more than 10 years on power is a dictatorship. The recent revolutions in some places in the world have exposed those dictators, the inhumanity and the unacceptable harassment against their people during demonstrations.

Egypt revolution was strong enough that Mubarak couldn’t resist it. But he didn’t take action to destruct Egypt like Muammar Gaddafi of Libya (Muammar Kaddáfí - معمر القذافي).

I appreciate the Tunisian dictator who left the country in a smart way. The nationals will peacefully construct their countries.

Look at the rest of dictators! They are anxiously tarried and won't leave, but continue smashing their people, destructing and emptying the economies of the state in their pockets, but at the end they are going to die with punishment.

Well, it is advisable that any African tyranny must leave power, when the nations say, "LEAVE, we do not want you".

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