The University of Khartoum Faces Government Destruction!

The students in the University of Khartoum are mad, as hell while the regime in Khartoum carries the destruction plan of the first and the only good university in Sudan. - University of Khartoum faces planned military religious regime's destruction because it is the fountain of the Sudanese historical - University of Khartoum faces planned military religious regime's destruction because it is the fountain of the Sudanese historical uprising.

The Sudanese dictatorial regime continues the worst part of its destruction scheme in Sudan, which the regime has started since 1989. The recent destruction plan is to erase the compounds of the University of Khartoum from the surface of the Sudanese educational heritage sight.

Khartoum University is the only old and strong educational institute in the one million square miles country the military religious regime has fragmented into pieces by planning the separation of the South Sudan and conspiring with souther leaders for the secession.

The university is also the best old university in the entire African continent and is only compared by big universities in the world, such as the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.

Strangely enough the Ministry of Tourism has carried out the destruction decision in a very stupid plan claiming that they want to turn the location of Khartoum University to a tourism sight.

This claim itself is very disastrous, as how could a tourism ministry think of turning indestructible earthbound and unwavering educational heritage institution into a tourism sight?

How could it do that while the minister and the top officials forget everything about the main historical locations in the country and leave them to disappear by climate and geographical changes?

There is no big and strong reaction until now, except weak demonstration from the Sudanese people... people who are well known in history as brave people and now seems like the walking dead.

The first Sudanese person reacted walked out with a banner saying that Khartoum University is a property of the Sudanese people and he has absolutely forgot that all the people have become the walking dead.

The UNESCO Calls to Stop the Destruction of the University of Khartoum!

The United Nations Organization for Education and Culture (UNESCO) issued a news alert from the UNESCO World Heritage Centre calling to save the compound of Khartoum University.

The international organization called also to impose strong pressure on the Sudanese military religious regime to stop destructing the precious educational and historical properties of the Sudanese people.

The organization says, the Government of Sudan intends to sell All historical land and change the location of the University in Khartoum to other Places. So it is our task to force the government of Sudan to stop destroying memorial building in Sudan.

Although the secrets in the news are that the regime plans to sell the location and other educational properties belonging to the university, to Arab investors, but the international organization has only expressed sorrow for the event and posted information about the first and oldest university in Sudan.

The University of Khartoum (U of K) is well rooted back to 1898. At that time, Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener of Khartoum sent his government a proposal about a college foundation in the memory of General Gordon.

The response was immediate and funds for the college were raised by private subscription. Communications about the project followed in Egypt. The Khedive's architect, Fabricus Pasha drew the construction plans for the building.

When it launched officially in 1902, the new college was named after Gordon name the Gordon Memorial College, although it was not until 1903 that the buildings were completed and the first batch of primary level students were admitted.

In 1905, a secondary stratum was added for the purpose of training assistant engineers and land surveyors. In 1906, a four year course for the training of primary school teachers was established. 

In 1905, Sir Henry Wellcome donated full equipped laboratory for bacteriological analysis. This step established a fruitful association between Khartoum and the Welcome Research Laboratories.

In 1924, the College developed into a vocational secondary school concentrating on teaching the following disciplines: Sharia, Engineering, Teachers' Training, Clerical Work, Accounting and Science.

In the same year Kitchener School of Medicine was established.

The beginning of higher education in the Sudan with the establishment of the School of Law began in 1936. By 1940, the College included schools of Agriculture, Arts, Law, Science, Engineering and Veterinary Science.

Each School was attached to the government department in which the graduates would be expected to work.

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This regime in Sudan should be overthrown by any means.

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