Bring them to Justice!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Halfa Algadeeda, Sudan)

Torture is one of the dictators’ instruments. The dictators are still in power despite the fact that the citizens don't have any interest on them.

The dictators have no other alternative to stay on power unless, they terrorize, torture and kill any one they might suspect. Not only torture, the law they apply on the people is more than the physical torture.

Ethiopia is one of the examples that the people are unable to make a single voice and they remain voiceless casting from the 2005 presidential election which was turned an excessive military use of torture, imprisonment and mass killing.

Since 2005, the Ethiopian government continues mistreating, killing, torturing and intimidating as a part of unwritten permanent law the officials apply it frequently.

The international communities yet not expose the brutality in Ethiopia. The citizens are considered the reasons, as "the regime is licensed to kill its own people". The number of the victims not clearly registered because it was out of management and no group were able to do this.

Since the government politics is ethnic federalism, the torture was based as ethnic torture. Today, 75% of Ethiopian are the victims of 2005 mass repression in Ethiopia and lack of support from international community. They remain voiceless and unable to stand for democratic revolution.

Generally, the nations in the Horn of Africa are the victims of torture since the dictatorial regimes continue on power.

Yes, torture is an illegal & serious crime. International law must consider it as international crime. Therefore, the criminals must be brought to justice.

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