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Apr 20, 2011
Unity for All the Horn of Africa!
by: enkidu debaba

It is the demand of the entire Horn of Africa. Work for unity and stop conspiracies in the Horn of Africa. Conspiracies are similar in Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti.

The same people with the same interests and with the common economical ties find themselves enforced to diminish and secede by different conspiracy schemes planned by the dictatorial systems.

The USHA Framework implementation is not based on the interest of one country. It must knock each door in the entire Horn of Africa.

The youth are expected to throng around USHA and revolt for USHA because it is our dream to see revolutionary people getting together to carry on their common interests as Africans. Once they share their duties and develop the framework, the dictators will shrink at once.

Jan 13, 2011
Colonial Secret Strategies!
by: Anonymous

Africa is the oldest and richest continent in the world, but it is unlucky continent. The colonial powers hunted and invaded the continent and remained there in the last two centuries for many decades.

Today, politics in our world demands acceleration of economical development and capitalism rises to squeeze scull and utilize the African nations the way they like.

"Don't look at the Map, look at the mirror", were the best colonialists' words that they applied previously against the African people. Unfortunately, they still practise this policy.

The recent colonial system is scientifically calculated. There are dreams along with secret strategies to influence the regimes in many African countries to carry on implementing the goals of the colonial powers.

Our tarry governments implement this policy based on their daily activities, filling the nationals by continuous stress and fell proud of that. All their steps facilitate the entrance of the enemies of Africa.

The conspiracy against the unity in Africa is a colonial strategy they implement without sending military forces, but activate it by using Africans themselves. The division based on ethnical, religious, or cultural differences to form reignited governments to rule the failed states.

These failed states are useful for the capitalists to invest the treasures of the African continent. Only through fragmented lands and people, the international capitalist system could rule the area. The states in the Horn of Africa are not out of this policy.

At this time, people might think that it is too late to resist or stop the flow of scientifically calculated secret strategies. However, we have the best alternative that we could use to resist by developing the USHA. The solution needs intelligent African people.

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