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Shendi's Flood Woe Proves the Entire Sudan's Woe!

by Admin

Adel Kular, Sudanese Journalist

Adel Kular, Sudanese Journalist

The mass flooding in Shendi and the surrounding villages in northern Sudan have directly affected more than 1,000 people last week. The news estimates.

The floods collapsed more than 1,000 houses totally and around 710 houses have fallen partially. After the floods, the city becomes the Sudan’s modern Venice in this new tragedy, as described by Sudanese journalist Adel Kular to the Sudanese Communist’s newspaper al Midan.

Estimation of the disaster is clear that more than 2,000 people in the area still need urgent aid.

The mayor of the city and his entourage had toured the lost in the flood-stricken areas, and he did not do anything to help extricate the people out of the woe they live. Some youth work in statistics to assess the size of losses and the size of those people affected by the flood.

On this basis commissions made by elders and youth have worked hard without any sufficient equipments to help those affected despite the scarcity of their potential and set up umbrellas and protective temples of wood trees, not even enough to shelter the homeless and displaced persons.

In the meantime, protective sheets arrived, but they returned them when they saw that they were not enough for the number of people affected, rather than providing more of those protective sheets of tarpaulin.

The displaced persons affected by the floods lack food and drinking water, health care as the floods have destroyed their facilities completely. In addition, the accumulation of water and lack of drainage are causing the spread of epidemics.

The floods also reveal the inability of planning and engineering of the municipality.

The asphalt street, which the municipality has constructed earlier between neighbourhoods in the city, becomes a barrier of water between the sides, which led to the collapse of some schools and the siege of several residential neighbourhoods with water.

The Sudanese Communist Party (CPS) calls the authorities to declare Shendi a disaster area and to open the doors for international relief organizations to provide assistance to the region.

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