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Jan 25, 2010
No Promise, But a Dictator's Drama!
by: enkidu debaba

The previous American Administration of George Bush had a do able legacy to create stronger dictators in the Horn of Africa.

Since then those dictators work daily to strength their powers against the opposition groups, whatsoever and even arrest or skill honest oppositions? leaders.

The USA President Obama promised the democratic society to create more democracy and good governance in the Horn of Africa but this promise remains soft to put enough pressures against these worst dictators in the area.

Today both President Al Basher and the Ethiopian Prime Minster Meles Zenawi are busy preparing for the 2010 elections.

They prepared the scene of the drama and decided already upon whom to bite down, whom to appoint from the oppositions, whom to mislead and disappoint and whom to block and watershed the massive efforts of the other groups in the political scene.

Both dictators continue to discuss urgent bilateral security strength in the two countries. They already know whom they are going to punish and whom they are going to authorize.

The Sudanese government already decided to clean out the Ethiopian refugees from Sudan. This is one of the preconditions to stop massive refugees flow to Sudan.

Sever human rights violation will raise on the 2010 Ethiopian presidential elections. It might help the Ethiopian government to repress the opposition group.

At the same time, the Ethiopian government does many things in secret to provide secret support to Omer al Bashir.

Practically people learn and follow good information published online and in the mass media, but the reality remains in secret, that may continue to disappoint all the Horn of Africa?s nations.

The soft Administration of President Obama could not stop the dictators in the Horn Africa. Today some people whisper wishing their fall in the elections. It is the 2010 drama, but it results in serious human rights violation.

It is necessary to anticipate the outcome that the presidential elections in the Horn of Africa are deliberately complicated from the beginning to create instability in the region.

-- I didn't understand the last paragraph I deleted from this entry, Enkidu. Will you please write it again as clear as possible?

Thank you indeed for your contribution.

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