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They Shoot Horses in Sudan!

by Admin

They Shoot Horses in Sudan! Don't They? becomes essential part of the tragicomedy Sudan experiences every day, as I stated on this sensational posts. See the Link.

I have read the novel and watched the movie too at the time the novel was screened, I think in 1969 and the film was starred by Jane Fonda, Michael Sarrazin, Susannah Your and Gig Young. Just at that time, the military regime of the obsessed Jafar Numeri stole the political power by his military coup.

He escaped to be accountable for the killings of his army comrades and many of the leaders of the trade unions and the political parties. When the Sudanese people overthrew him in 1985, he found good protection from the leaders of the military regime in Egypt led previously by the uprooted Hosni Mubarak.

As birds of a feather flock together, he became like a Roman cock, returned to Sudan when the military took the political power again after the coup of 1989 and began to speak loudly to defend his military regime, although no body has submitted him to trail.

The Sudanese people's blood becomes cheap, as the Sudanese people became tolerant like sheep and the recent dictatorial regime still continues its crimes against them and kills many of the best horses in the North, the East, the West and even in the seceded Southern Sudan.

The Sudanese opposition becomes old and it has not any revolutionary mechanism in its hand nowadays, until some respected parties in this opposition eat the fire before the others and burn this dictatorial regime out. I wish I could be wrong in this statement. But the political events prove that weakness and the rust of the Sudanese soul are still dominating the political scene in Sudan.

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About the book, the author and the movie:

The depression during the 1930s led the people to desperate measures to survive.

The marathon dance craze flourished at that time and seemed a simple way for people to earn extra money dancing the hours away for cash. The dance continued for weeks at a time.

But the underside of that craze was filled with a competition and violence unknown to most ballrooms.

Horace McCoy was born near Nashville, Tennessee in 1897. His novels include I Should Have Stayed Home (1938), and Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (1948).

I am glad, I have this movie in a DVD in my home library. However, I have lost the book some years ago, while traveling from a place to another place.

Did you read the book? Did you see the movie?

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نُشرت مطلع هذا العام

رواية "الموتُ شرقاً" تكشف لك سرّ الموت الشرقي التراجيدي المستمر للإنسان

Sudanese Journalist, poet, write and human and political activist Khalid Mohammed Osman

احصل علي الرواية الآن واكتشف إنهيار القواسم المشتركة، واستلهم إبداعا يشبه الأسطورة في النص الروائي

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