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May 09, 2010
Omer Hassan al Bashir is a Military Coup Leader in Sudan!
by: Admin

So what if the two sectarian parties have failed while ruling Sudan three times?

Is that a good reason for a totalitarian system to exist?

No one until this moment has elected Omer Hassan al Bashir to be the president of Sudan in spite of some forged elections in the country.

How could the Sudanese people elect him and they know he led his military group to steal the political power in Sudan by night taking the leaders of the National Islamic Front (NIF) to power?

The people of Sudan know the key source of the 1989 coup. They also know the political changes in this party although it is divided into two parties. This is the mode they use and wear to make the political situation chaotic in Sudan.

The scheme of the conspiracy against the Sudanese people is clear. They even have decided on it during the first years of their rule. They want Sudan divided and the South separated to carry on with their political scheme.

More than ten millions of Sudanese have decided not to vote for him out of a total of 16 million registrants. Most of the 69 parties in the Sudanese 2010 election have tens of millions members and they do not like the leader of the ruling party for many political reasons.

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